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    Thought it was a H B . Distinctive finish ... just couldn't think of it . Thanks
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    ... those unattached hands are in severe danger of getting stolen!

    They don't even try to hide it, openly admit their plans on getting their hands on our hands, and then ... then they theirs! Seriously, we gotta take care that those guys don't succeed with their limp-acquisation-scam. They're really up for something!

    Next thing is, they go to India and set up a call center to make you allow them hold your hand, and then the crying will start, once the behanded audience gets what's happeneing...
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  3. GlenP

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    Jul 23, 2019
    I remember an old piano student book that had this picture in it, I tried to sort of replicate it here, not that great, but you get the idea. Left hand pointer finger lines up with the F on the bass clef, right hand pointer lines up with the G on the treble clef. Fingers are lines on the staff. Middle C is the line in between. Not a reference of finger position on the keys, but just a graphic to help with the mnemonics of the staff lines and spaces...Every Good Boy Does Fine, All Cows Eat Grass, etc...

    guitar reference: A string 3rd fret is the middle C in between the two clefs. Open low E on the Treble Clef is right under three ledger lines.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.48.02 AM.png
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    Here’s one nobody wants to end up with. I think it’s called Dupytrens gonna have to get cut at some point. A lot of construction jobs in my younger days and endless remodel ever since, have not been kind to the ham hocks.

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  5. Tele295

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    I’ve lost weight and now it falls off my finger. I have one now with koa and fire opal
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    Hey Robb, this is a great photo. But before doing any research on it, it's got me scratching my head: which Gretsch has a top-mounted output jack?
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    Every great song has a great hook!
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    Sep 22, 2012
    Panther. So desirable.
  9. Stratiner

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    This is what it feels like I'm playing with. [​IMG]

    My pointer finget tip is .7" wide at tip. Yeah go measure yours and see. Try to make pretty chords with fingers like that. Thumb is short and fat - hard to do an F chord with thumb over top. I'm pretty upset with my fingers. Someone once told me I had good bass players hands. But I've been a drummer for many years so they work well enough for that.
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    What's left of my hand .... LeftHand.jpg
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  12. thunderbaas

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    And you're still able to play I presume. The best example of playing with a not so functional Hand is of course Django Reinhardt, only used two fingers and played incredible. When you have the talent & music in ya, you'll find a way to play:D
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    Thanks and apologies for the delay in my response. It’s a Panther, an outstanding instrument.
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