Please allow me to introduce myself...


Aug 19, 2022
New Jersey
Hey I'm Pete. I've musician all of my life (and I'm pretty damn old). I'm primarily a bass player who messes around on guitar. I recently bought my first Gretsch, an Electromatic a G5220. For a relatively inexpensive Chinese made guitar, I'm really impressed with it. I'm trying to learn more about its little quirks and possibly making some useful mods.
I don't gig too much anymore, when I do, it's primarily as a bass player for a Latin jazz/ salsa band. But I do enjoy playing some sort of music almost everyday. I like all music, except for maybe opera and most country. Anyway, thanks for having me.


Country Gent
Oct 17, 2018
New Brunswick, Canada
Welcome to GT BigPete. Enjoy your stay. Have that same guitar. My favorite for soloing especially. Only mod I did was make a new pickguard. Original seemed a little flimsy...but that's just me.

Just realized I welcomed you on your other post. Another senior moment!
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Country Gent
Oct 21, 2014
Vancouver Island
Welcome to the forum Pete. Lots of friendly folks here (that like pictures 😉) A lot of experience if you have questions too. Enjoy your time here!!