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  1. Thanks so much for the welcome! Those are both great choices in guitars and amps. A BF Deluxe Reverb is on my list of amps to have one day. Take care!
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    Welcome to GT PlumaBlanca!
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  3. Back in Black

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    Jun 22, 2020
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    Hi PB,

    The big amp is actually an early 2000's Valvetronix, with original JMI era AC30 valve internals, the speaker cab has two Celestion 12'' speakers.

    The guitar in the background is a Gretsch G6131 MY Sig, the one in the foreground is home built, modeled after the Gretsch ''Custom Shop Salute''.

    Maybe...who knows what the future holds.


  4. SAguitar

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    Welcome to our fine forum! Enjoy your Rosa when you get her back.
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  5. I've heard good things about Valvetronix.
    And that's great that they wired it like a JMI AC30s.

    That's a beauty Gretsch Signature model and even more impressive is your build.
    Hard to see any difference in the pics!

    I've recently been looking online with vintage stores in the UK for an AC30 Mid 60s Twin Head
    or a copper plate AC30/6 combo. Crossing my fingers the right one crosses my path.

    Take care, and ya never know what the future holds...
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  6. Henry

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    Apr 9, 2014
    Welcome! @hcsterg does great work. #3 of his schematics allows you to use all 7 possible pickup combinations (excludes the 8th combination, no pickup) using the existing holes.
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  7. lathoto

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    Apr 23, 2020
    Component Manfacturer Comments Cost
    Body Warmoth One Piece Swamp Ash 475.00
    Neck Warmoth Quartersawn Maple 359.00
    Pickups TV Jones T-Armond Soapbar 340.00
    Case SKB 3i-4214-66 291.00
    Bridge Schaller 3D-6 96.80
    Potentiometers Bourn 300K Long Bushing 51.14
    Tuning Machines Schaller M6 39.99
    Three Way Switch CRL EP-0075-000 25.65
    Strap Buttons Schaller S-Locks 24.78
    Control Knobs Schaller Volume/Tone 22.03
    Neck Mounting Plate Stew-Mac Standard Tele 15.37
    Strings D'Addario .011-.049 Medium 12.99
    String Tree Graph Tech PT700400 11.60
    Jack Mount Stew-Mac Electro-Socket 9.80
    Capacitors Orange Drop .047uF, .001uF 7.00
    Output Jack Switchcraft Long Thread 5.01
    Copper Tape Stew-Mac #0028 4.51
    Misc Screws Stew-Mac # 0035-B 3.85
    Miscellaneous Various 2.73
    Treble Bleed Resistor Stew-Mac 150K 1.00
    Wire Belden WIR-HRNES 0.75

    The long lead time is the Warmoth neck (10 weeks). This is my actual bill of materials but one could easily cut the total cost in half by sticking closer to original Fender components with nothing fancy from Warmoth (neck and body). This is my first build but if I were challenged I could easily come in a under $1000 dollars with a gigbag.
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  8. Back in Black

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    Jun 22, 2020
    Ontario Canada
    Hi PB,

    I guess my amp description was a little muddled, the Valvetronix chassis stopped working, and I replaced it with an original JMI era AC30 chassis that I had. I was saving this chassis in hopes of finding an original JMI era AC30 cabinet, but it did not happen.

    I have heard that the current Valvetronix line is far superior to what my original was.

    PM me.

    Best, take care,

  9. Thanks for that list of parts! And turning me onto Warmoth. Looks like their lead time is about 12 weeks now for custom work, but they do have "in-stock" necks and bodies, which might be the best choice if I go this route.

    I was also looking online at Fender's Vintage Original Tele's, made in America - especially the 60s model. I might go with a used one as I'm onto the interior build of a 800 square foot recording studio on the first floor of my house, which I built by hand with the intent of having a studio in there after I moved in.

    A friend who owns a professional, large recording studio in Vancouver helped me with the design and layout. So, I'm up to my eyeballs with work for about another year. In the meantime, I've been collecting an assortment of amps and guitars to have in the studio, while I work on the build.

    How long, roughly, did it take you to put your Partscaster together... maybe I can squeeze in the time in the evenings with the help of a guitar tech friend. I bet it's really rewarding to put it all together and then get to play it. I also read about a few people's experience with Warmoth necks and bodies and they all were super-hyped about the quality and play-ability.

    I'd also love to see a pic of your Partscaster, that Swamp Ash body must be something else. Feel free to PM me back or share more on this thread. I'm sure others who haven't seen it, would love to get a chance to.

  10. Thanks for the welcome! I've been through Oregon a few times visiting, but never through Jack Plate.

    What a great name for a place I thought to myself... then I looked it up on Google Maps.
    Closest place I got was Jack In The Box, Portland. LOL!

    It totally sounds like a place you'd find in Oregon, just around the Bend...
  11. Hello Henry, thanks for the warm welcome, and just gotta say thanks for your inspiration on Diagram 3 allowing the new pickup possibility of having the middle pickup operate independently of the N & B.

    I just ordered a Gretsch 3 Way Electromagic switch to do the job.

    Also, I really like your Rush - Spirit of the Radio quote from your posts. I dig this verse:

    Invisible airwaves
    Crackle with life
    Bright antennae bristle
    With the energy
    Emotional feedback
    On a timeless wavelength
    Bearing a gift beyond price –
    Almost free…

    As a fan and a Canuck, I'm glad I got to see them at least once in concert! Cheers.
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    Jack Plate, Oregon
    Hah, right! Jack Plate is not actually a town in Oregon, I live near Salem. But I thought since this is a Gretsch forum, I had to work "jack plate" into my signature somehow. I'll never understand why Gretsch doesn't put one of those on their guitars at the factory.
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