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  1. I'm a man with a Gretsch 5622 and hopefully good taste in guitars. For the past couple years since I've had my Gretsch I've been coming to gretsch-talk to learn more about a myriad of all things Gretsch. Ever since my early 20's I've dreamed of owning a Gretsch. It only took about 25 years to get there, but better late to the show than never.

    I'd love to post a pic of my Rosa Red triple pickup beauty and introduce her as well, but she's currently at a friend's awaiting a pickup change up. I decided to go with TV Jones, a Supertron in the neck, a Classic in the middle, and a Classic Plus in the bridge. Also swapping in a roller bridge for the Bigsby and a bone nut.

    Then I got into different wiring possibilities for the 3 pickups and found a thread here on the 5622 where someone wrote:

    "You may want to use hcsterg's wiring schematic, it adds flexibility to the middle pickup and, I believe, removes the issue where turning down the volume of any one pickup mutes the guitar."

    This is what I would love to be able to do with my 5622, but I'm not sure how to do this - like 50s wiring for a Gibson, isolating the volume pots from directly interacting together. Unfortunately, hcsterg's wiring schematic diagram is no longer available on gretsch-talk. So, I joined gretsch-talk today and just messaged him to see if he still had the schematic and could help me out.

    If anyone else wants to chime in on wiring the 5622 that'd be great. I mostly play my Gretsch through a Vox AC15 HW1X with an alnico blue and also with a 212 cab that has 1970 pulsonic greenbacks in it that sound great with the blue and on their own too.

    Looking forward to meeting more Gretsch aficionados!
  2. MrWookiee

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    Welcome, and congrats on your new Gretsch! For the volume pots I belive you only need to swap the two wires connected to each one. @hcsterg is still around on the forum so I'm sure he can give you the real story.
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  3. Stefan87

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    Welcome to the forum, feel free to post any gear pics you want, we're not biased.
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    Welcome to the forum, PlumaBlanca!
    Maple Leaf doormat.jpg
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    "I'm a man of wealth and taste."

    Howdy! Welcome to the madhouse!
    hcsterg will be along shortly to help you out.
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  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone and @MrWookiee I was thinking it might be something simple like that and I'm hoping hcsterg can help demystify how to isolate the middle pickup as well, possibly adding a three way switch in for the two way selector on the middle. Looks like you have a beauty 5622 in Georgia Green!
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  7. GlenP

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  8. Mercury

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    Welcome, from another newbie!
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  9. BrianW

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    Welcome to the forum PlumaBlanca! from the island south of you. As you are aware from looking around here, pics are appreciated and when you get your guitar back ... :D

    And yes, I would guess that Hcsterg will be along soon to help out - I used his reverse log pot diagram to wire a 5441T (electromatic double cut jet) and I worked like a charm. Right now waiting for the local L&M to get more of the reverse log pots in.

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  10. Right on, that's one of my next guitars I'll be gravitating towards, a good Tele. Glad to hear you like the handwired Vox too. Good tip on the micro switch and I have a white Vox 112 cab from the 2000 heritage handwired series and it pairs excellently with it.
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  11. Thanks for the welcome from Van Isle! I will most definitely post up a pic or two, when I get my guitar back. Glad to hear that your mods are working well. How do you like the control of the reverse log pots - do you use them in a live situation? I'm curious about them as I've never used any.
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    Admin Post
    Welcome friend , glad ya made it here
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  13. BrianW

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    The pots react just like "normal", ie not reversed. Clockwise increases volume.. the difference is that each pickup volume does not affect the volume of the other or the master volume - other than that pickup has less volume in the "mix". With the original wiring turning down one pickup could affect the total output. Make sense? How that would work with 3 pickups I can't say, I haven't had a Gretsch with 3.

    Lots of info here about tele's as well as I am sure you have seen.

    Oh, one more tip - I have been waiting for a couple of months to get the pots in from L&M. Some things they are reasonably quick, this doesn't seem to be one of them. The previous set I got from Darren Riley's

    Lots of places have them in the US. Shipping and duty not bad for a small order. In Canada is a little harder to find.
  14. L Robbins

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    Welcome to the monkey house !:)
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  15. MrWookiee

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    Mine's only a 2627 but I love her just the same. ;)
  16. Thanks for all that info, I'm just about to order some pots for my Gibson SG 61 reissue right now. I'm also waiting on TV Jones pickup rings for my Gretsch to arrive so we can install the new pickups. I will look more into reverse log, but it sounds like it will do the trick to allow each volume to not affect the others. I'm also aware that when you have more A500k pots in the chain that they affect the overall sound i.e. filtering highs. Do the rev log pots interact differently from Audio pots in that sense as well? Much appreciated for the help, hard to find anyone with that kind of knowledge on Haida Gwaii!
  17. Glad to hear you love your Gretsch and she looks great in that Georgia Green!
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  18. Tony65x55

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    Sep 23, 2011
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    Hi Pluma, another Canuck welcome to you. You'll like it here.
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  19. Hi Tony, thanks for the warm welcome. I'm sure I'll like it here. I've never joined any guitar or gear forum before, even though I read lots of different ones. Gretsch-talk is the only one that really caught my eye after getting my Gretsch a couple years ago. Everyone here is pretty laid back. Cheers!
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  20. drmilktruck

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    Welcome and glad you’re here.
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