Pickup selector issue on 5435


Jun 17, 2021
I’m trying to finish up a re-wire of my 5435 that included new CTS pots, new tone cap, treble bleed on MV, and a new selector switch. I’ve checked everything against my wiring diagram from TV Jones and have everything connected as it should be.

However, with my selector switch, there’s an issue. At neck and bridge position it registers the same pickup (from the bridge position lug). I clipped that wire to each pickup’s volume pot and both pickups work. But one of my hot wires (from the neck lug) isn’t doing anything. Any thoughts/suggestions? I’m still learning with all this stuff and don’t know where I got off track.

All volume pots, MV, and tone seem to be working as expected. Haven’t put strings on it yet but I’m testing with just gently tapping each pickup.