Pickup height recomendation and adjustment on Broadkaster 6609TG

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  1. Hi everyone got a new 6609TG Broadkaster yesterday just checking Intonation, Nut heights, action heights etc and drooling a bit. But i've never owned a guitar with fulltrons before, it would be great to get other peoples opinion on optimal height settings for both bass and treble sides and neck and bridge that best suit these type of pickups. Gretsch recommends 3/32 (2.4mm) Bass and 2/32 (1.6mm) Treble. Also how the hell do i adjust the pickup heights on this guitar i cant find any info anywhere, the manual talks about raising and lowering the pole screws but does not explain how to raise or lower the entire side.
    Currently the guitar is set around 3/32 or around .090 thou for both neck and bridge on the Bass side but the treble is set .090 for neck but .020 for bridge. some help from others in the know would be great.
    Thanks again Cheers Mic.
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