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    Not really sure what you mean by hybrid amp specifically. A Fuzz is typically moody w whats plugged into THEM and where they sit in a mix, not so much w the amps (caveat: speakers do matter somewhat).
    I use a variety of fuzz pedals (my own fuzzray & seltzerado) builds as well as vintage big muffs, my pelitaur opamp muff, and Havalina germanium fuzz into the 3 Quilter solid state amps I have, the fender pro junior, various vintage and reissue tube amps I make. The Fuzz Ray kinda works the same.. what changes stuff up to me is the speaker and the pickups. btw.. looking for an old Peavey deuce, speaking of hybrid. solid state pre w tube pwr section (if thats what you were referring to)
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    The AtomiC is 12ax7 pre into solid state power. 12ax7 into a class D I think. Speakers could be the thing. I was using the AtomiC as a headphone amp when I tried it the first time using the DT880 pros.
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    Face enabled WAH on: 37EF4A09-96AF-4F72-A163-529F9F7EB69E.png

    WAH off, see the little blue face icon next to the tuning fork?
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    I’m home this weekend so I am at it again. Question anyone have a good way to put a curve in aluminum and maintaining one flat edge? Sorry it is 3/4” aluminum angle.
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