Peavey. What's your perception of them?


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Jul 17, 2011
Kent, UK
I take to every gig a 32-year-old 140W Peavey solid state Citation amp head as a spare (guitar version, not the bass amp). Now and then I use it for a set to make sure it's working OK. It always is -- and it's built like a tank. Only thing I don’t like is the six-pin DIN arrangement for the footswitch, which went missing years ago.

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Feb 10, 2010
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You should be able to find the DIN plug. Getting a schematic for the footswitch might be the hard part. Somewhere there has to be a pile of missing footswitches, along with a bunch of mismatched socks.

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Dec 14, 2011
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My foot switch on the Artist just finally died. Can't get a replacement from Peavey. It selects channel A or B or combines them. Yes it has the funky DIN pin. Hoping it possibly can be repaired when I finally get around to taking the amp to my tech for service.


Jun 18, 2013
I've owned Peavey gear over the years. My opinion is while nothing has ever totally blown my mind most all of their stuff sounds pretty good, is well built, and just plain WORKS. Dependability always comes to mind with Peavey, though I've not played any of their most recent overseas offerings.


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Jul 17, 2011
Kent, UK
Slim: Those three-button Peavey DIN footswitches which switch or blend channels as well work the reverb are as rare as hen's teeth over here. I know there are modern equivalents available in the US, but by the time they get over here they cost more than I paid for the amp -- and it is only the spare amp after all. I suppose I should just get an amp tech to rewire the socket to take just a simple channel switching footswitch -- the onboard amp reverb isn't really up to much anyway.

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Feb 10, 2010
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I had a hybrid with the solid state preamp. The Automix feature was necessary--- the clean wasn't bad, but the distortion by itself was horrid. Mixed was a decent compromise.
You should be able to bodge one fairly easily. Mine had four switches---channel, automix, phase, and reverb


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Aug 26, 2011
I had two Peavey Heritages and one missing pedal. I was able to buy another pedal that was wired differently, and I found out you can move some little plastic pins around, I think at the plug end.

If you know the wiring, you can follow the pins around with a continuity tester.


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Aug 15, 2008
It's disappointing to learn they've farmed out production overseas. I had a Classic 30 that I bought from a minister who used for his Sunday services. It was pretty faceless and bland as I recall. I sold it within a few months to some guy in the Ukraine, and had a ***** of time shipping it.

I've owned an 8-channel Peavey powered PA head/mixer that has had its share of use with no breakdowns, since around 1995 or so. I keep it as a spare at this point in case it is ever needed, but it weighs a ton. I took it in once to have a tech check it out, and all he did was take a look, test this and that and vacuum it out. He said it was built like a tank.

I had a classic 30 that was a lovely amp.
Nothing bland about it at all.

I only sold it as I bought a stunning hand wired wienbrock amp


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May 10, 2015
Im diggin my new Axcelerator Axe. Really nice Super Strat. The Floyd is on of the best I've played


Aug 11, 2022
So I went in to my local guitar store (Drome Sound if you must know) and was looking around, and what did my eyes stumble upon, but a brand new tweed Peavey Classic Series Amp. First thing I noticed was the removable power chord just like the one your PC uses. I thought to myself, "Now way, they aren't making these in China now, too". Much to my amazement, it said Made in China. Grrr, I couldn't believe it.

Anyways, as the title says, what do you think of Peavey now, before, whenever?
I have used their stuff for years, and really appreciated the fact that their stuff was made in the good ole' USA, they had an actual person answer the phone when you called them rather than some idiotic endless circle of choices by # every other business out there now has, and seemed like the best bang for the buck. Currently I have a tweed Delta Blues 115 from the late 90's that I use regularly. For the most part, it is a great amp. Had to do a couple of mods (Tube grill guard and spring mounted tube holder), and I still like it. Maybe its name isn't F*nder or V#x, but unlike both of them, it's an American made amp.

end rant, comment if you will
I love Peavey amps, guitars and basses. At least their '80s through 2000s made in the USA models. I don't have any experience with their newer, since mid 2010s Asian made amps, but haven't really heard anything bad about them either.

I have 3 amps, a 2003 Delta Blues, a 2015 Nashville 112, and a 1986 Bandit 65. Also have a couple of guitars, a late '90s or early 2000s Firenza P90 and a 2015 Powerslide which is sort of a lap steel/slide guitar that you play standing up like a dobro on a strap or like a regular slide guitar also on a strap. Almost forgot, I do have a circa 2015-16 Asian made Max 115 bass amp.

All the Peavey amps and guitars and basses I've owned or played over the last 35 years mostly USA made have been built sturdy and sound good. The amps have really nice pristine clean sounds. Distortion sounds vary in quality from model to model.

Perhaps someone with experience using their more recent Asian made amps can comment on those.

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Aug 11, 2020
My first amp was a Peavey Backstage Plus I received in 1983, that got me through high school, college and a number of years after... made in the USA......but I hated it for most of that time....never thought it sounded very good.....but that thing took a lot of punishment.....and works exactly the same today as it did back then (yes...I still have it, though it's mostly retired)...I've even found some settings that don't sound too bad...but swore I'd never own another Peavey

I purchased a Carvin 16W head and cab several years ago (because back in the 80s, I used to wait anxiously by the mail box for every new Carvin catalog, and drool over all the guitars and amps) was ok....the tone never wowed me....and just out of warranty it died....and no one in my area will even look at much for "Carvin Quality" (could have just been bad luck on my part)

Fastforward a bit....and I wanted another amp....and against my better judgement, went with a no-longer-made-in-USA classic 20 mini-head........and I love far as tone, it's everything I wanted the Carvin to be, that it never was....and now a few years down the road, it's still working just fine....

As far as HOW they do business.....well....that's a whole different story....and I won't get into it here....but, as far as the product....I'd always at least be willing to give them a shot.


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Dec 27, 2012
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The current PEAVEY is not the same company from the 80s/90s.
Undercover Boss spoke volumes about Hartley and his new business model.