Wanted Original tuner for 5120 ...year 2011


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Dec 27, 2017
Santa Cruz
I have a set I took off my 2016 5420, not positive but I think they are the same.

I won’t break up the set and send just one. If I did I would end up with 5 tuners in my parts bin that would be of no use to anyone. You can have all 6, no charge other than shipping. I have no idea what shipping would be to Canada.



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Oct 17, 2018
New Brunswick, Canada
Just an update and an FYI on the tuners our friend @radd sent to me. As he states, he took them off his 2016 5420 and they were a perfect drop in replacement. So they fit both a 5120 and5420.
I'm keeping 3 of them and giving away the rest...one for the treble side and 2 for the base side.
I'll post a separate thread for them in case anyone is interested.