'Operation: Unsaleable money pit' about to commence


Dec 18, 2020
Getting close on starting to pull the trigger. I've finished and assembled Warmoth parts before, and I think I'm ready to do it again. This time, though, I'm thinking to pony up a bit and do something different. I want something non-standard, a weird hybrid. Here's what I have so far, subject to change.

Hybrid Strat body - strat shape and contours, tele bridge and control plate (and optional Tele-ish pickguard) - Cinder Red or Candy Red finish. Chambered. Wood undecided.
Vortex neck - short scale 24.75, tiltback HS, 3+3 tuners. Will probably go paduak shaft, dark IRW board. No inlays, SS 6105, fatback profile. Black headstock.
Babicz Full Contact ashtray bridge. Babicz Full Contact Bridge
Custom control plate. I'll buy a blank 'hot dog' and drill it. It will use a 3-way toggle - I don't like blades - volume, probably a couple mini switches, maybe a tone.
Dimarzio Chopper T bridge and Fast Track neck (that's the plan at the moment, anyway).
Maybe a clear acrylic pickguard to show off that tasty finish but still hold the neck pickup without a body mount (there is no routing channel under the PG).
Graph Tech ratio 3+3 tuners.

When done it will have cost WAY too much, and probably be a killer guitar that is completely unsaleable like all partscasters. But at least I know the quality will be there, and it will be assembled and wired with my crazy anal-retentiveness.

It'll be weird. If I'm not going to be able to sell it, I might as well do something very different!



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Dec 27, 2017
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It looks like great fun.

I’m not really sure what is more fun for me, the countless hours deciding on what parts to use along with researching those parts and then building the guitar.…or….actually playing the guitar….:eek: