old scam is back

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    You're doing really well. The guy I always get in the Mumbai call centre is called Shamus. I always ask them their last name. LOL
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  2. :D Seamus Shenanigan, I know him well, Horatio.

    The name thing is a common practice, whether you are speaking to someone in a tech capacity for a major company who runs their call center out of India, an Asian name usually mispronounced, or the scammers—English speakers seem to deal better with a persona named in an English-friendly name.
  3. That was true for land lines.
    I don’t think its true for cell numbers.
    (I’m not prepared to investigate deeper for the sake of making the statement).

    Stores have an online presence now. One problem is that its like an SLA which no one reads: They get to change the agreement when the business updates its policy, once their foot is in the door. If I recall correctly, Amazon was one of the service businesses which used to promise not to sell your information—the first year they went into business. That changed with its 2nd year.

    Very few resist cashing in—selling your information.
    They all want your phone number & email.
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