old scam is back

Discussion in 'Fred's Barcalounge' started by Bertotti, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. Bertotti

    Bertotti Friend of Fred

    Jul 20, 2017
    South Dakota
    Just got the voice mail press one to connect to a federal agent if you do not connect to a federal agent we will be forced to take legal action against you, all in a jerky computer-generated voice! hahahahah
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  2. Rckt-Brew

    Rckt-Brew Electromatic

    May 25, 2017
    Trabuco Canyon
    It may have been a stupid thing to do, but I got this call yesterday & pushed 1. They began to threaten me for arrest. I encouraged them to come arrest me and was offering up my address if they needed it. They hung up.
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  3. Hammerhands

    Hammerhands Country Gent

    Aug 26, 2011
    “I told you cops to quit harassing me, I HAVE GUNS. I’m coming down there right now, WHERE ARE YOU?”

    “Shut up KID...” smack smack SMACK THUMP “Now look what you made me do!”
  4. MotorCentaur

    MotorCentaur Synchromatic

    May 11, 2016
    They really are the scum of the earth. Their avocado toast is bilking confused retirees out of their lifetime of savings.

    The Jim Browning youtube channel has a lot of great takedowns of their overseas operations.
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  5. Duo Slinger

    Duo Slinger Synchromatic

    Sep 11, 2020
    California, USA
    Oh yeah, Jim Browning is awesome. Another target is recent immigrants or people with poor English skills, as a lot of the time they don't understand how the US government works, so they fall for it.
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  6. Tony65x55

    Tony65x55 Gretschified

    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    We get one that says, "This is the legal department of Service Canada. Don't hang up or you may be prosecuted."

    I guess no one told them that the legal department of Service Canada is called the Ministry of Justice and the folks making the phone call would be the RCMP.
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  7. Duo Slinger

    Duo Slinger Synchromatic

    Sep 11, 2020
    California, USA
    I just got this fabulous image of a Mounty in full red uniform riding a moose with a phone built into the antlers, coming to bring someone to justice.
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  8. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    Admin Post
    ..... but what about my cars warrantee ?
  9. Merc

    Merc Friend of Fred

    May 6, 2017
    I get 2-4 call on most days for the warranty. Luckily Apple has a setting now that it goes straight to voicemail. But I still have to deal with the beep from the automated message that’s left.

    “Silence Unknown Calls”, under the “phone” setting.
  10. afire

    afire Country Gent

    I've had a few clients call me in a panic over this.
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  11. AZBrahma

    AZBrahma Gretschie

    Dec 18, 2020

    Definitely the best way to serve an arrest warrant and make sure the subject is ready and willing to go safely, is to to tell them in advance that you are coming to arrest them.

  12. Sid Nitzerglobin

    Sid Nitzerglobin Country Gent

    Jun 8, 2015
    Cell providers really ought to be compelled to stop the spoofed calls w/o using optional blocking apps/services as an additional revenue stream from their customers IMO.

    Having phone service is much more of an inconvenience than a convenience to me any more w/ no attempt to crack down on the illegal use of their cell networks...
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  13. wabash slim

    wabash slim Gretschified

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    Which car? My '53 Studebaker or the '48 Nash?

    I like the college loan ones, too. Which college loan are you referring to? I've gone to three unis, so I need to know. It is odd, tho, since I've never taken an education loan.

    Lawn care? Can you clean up the dog crap?

    Carpet cleaning? Does it remove blood? Lots of blood? How soon can you come over?

    They spoof local numbers and names. "Bob Jones? Is that you? You got the $500 you owe me, sucker? I'm coming down there to get it!"

    We got rid of our landline. The only drawback is that I don't get to screw with these twits anymore. I'm retired--I've got lots of time, and I enjoy being a PITA. Thick accent? I answer in Polish. I mention sometimes that I work for the state's attorney general's office, or the IRS, or whatever entity that oversees what they're trying to scam. I can easily and happily scam back. Who are they going to complain to?
  14. Stefan87

    Stefan87 Country Gent

    May 20, 2019
    Brisbane, Australia
    I get something similar all the time, about my TFN (same as your Social Security number in the US), I'd love to know what the percentage of people they actually fool with these scams.
  15. Waxhead

    Waxhead Country Gent

    Aug 30, 2014
    I've rec'd same voice mail here and we don't even have "Federal Agents" :rolleyes:
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  16. Synchro

    Synchro The artist formerly known as: Synchro Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    Admin Post
    I've been meaning to talk to you about that. :)
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  17. Randy99CL

    Randy99CL Country Gent

    Feb 17, 2020
    I watched a YT video a few days ago where a radio personality played with the scammers until they hung up. Wasted about 30 minutes of their time.

    The whole scam is stupid but what got me was that they switched the "agents" on the phone, each one the supervisor of the one before, twice...and all 3 had obvious overseas accents. What are the odds that three IRS agents, working in the same office, all have heavy non-American influence and dialect in their voices?
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  18. wabash slim

    wabash slim Gretschified

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    I get it from my Dad. He got a call once, back when the phone was black and bolted to the wall. He kept the guy on the line for half an hour asking about the great deal on whole house aluminum siding.

    "How soon can you come over to give me an estimate? Within an hour? Great!"

    In less than thirty minutes, a car pulled up and sat in front of our house for a couple of minute, then drove off. I guess he figured out it would be too hard to put aluminum siding over brick.
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  19. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck I Bleed Orange

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    You can also block specific numbers, although that is limited as spammers change phone numbers and many are spoofs anyway.
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  20. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck I Bleed Orange

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    I was tempted once when I heard the voicemail left, to call them back and encourage them to come to my home and arrest me. I was on vacation at the time in Canada. :D
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