Old names for items


Country Gent
W. C. Fields used to talk about his son, "Chester", on his radio show.
He was unmarried, and had no kids.
His sponsor was Lucky Strikes.
He had a regular spouse.
You forget “The Chinaman.” Fields’ live-in girlfriend.

I never equated Chester to his brand!

Carlin’s delineation of war trauma is interesting.
We gave a name to something which existed & changed it multiple times. However, broadly it is applied today. This is perhaps what spawned the grief counseling industry.


Friend of Fred
Jul 30, 2008
Murfreesboro, TN
There’s lots of old medical terms we don’t use any more:

dropsy (congestive heart failure)
Quinsy (tonsillitis)
Apoplexy (stroke)
Ague (influenza)

Don't forget:
consumption (tuberculosis)
lumbago (chronic back pain)
and "the vapors" (all-encompassing term for general multi-symptom malaise in women)


Friend of Fred
Jul 30, 2008
Murfreesboro, TN
In the USA, this is usually referred to as a 1/4" instrument cable ...
However, I've sometimes heard my Scottish friends refer to it as a "jack-to-jack lead".



Country Gent
Mar 6, 2011
* most of you played your guitars on the " porch " , I've played mine on the " stoop "
* my friends @audept and @Trash Kidd have probably taken the " underground " , I've taken the " subway "
* at 2pm Sunday dinner , I've been asked to pass the " sauce " .....or was it the " gravy "
* only a true city boy knows the definitions of " fagetabowdit " and " go ahead , see what happens "
* some of you take along an " electric torch " when you go camping , I pack a " flashlight "
* theres an " El " everywhere you look in The Bronx . I bet my friend @5120mantis knows what I'm talking about
When i was a kid we really had sunday dinner at 2p.m. i remember that, and before she passed we would go to Grandma's house EVERY SUNDAY after church.
Thanks for jarring those memories loose, always good to reminisce.
There was a small fruit store across from my Grandma's called the Orange Car, my parents ran the store for the owners before i was born and remained friendly with them for years after, that store smelled amazing.