Obsidian Wire Harness


Friend of Fred
Jun 17, 2013
Sarnia Ontario Canada
I installed an Obsidian Wire solderless harness in my CV50 project Tele and have to say I’m really pleased with it. I went that route because I installed a set of Vineham Classic B pups and detest soldering.

The CV50 had dime size Alpha pots which didn’t knock me out and it felt like the switch was going to fall apart immediately. The Obsidian harness comes with pre-wired full size CTS pots (+/- 8%), treble bleed, Switchcraft output Jack and Oak Grigsby 3 way Switch.

I’m not sure I buy their claim of “improved” tone but for sure the Obsidian harness and the new pups transformed an okay sounding guitar into a killer sounding Tele. I feel fairly certain the existing wiring harness didn’t do the stock Alnico 3 pups any justice. I was going to move the guitar out but at this point I think I’ll keep it.
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