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    New Repurchased Guitar Day

    Have you ever had a guitar, sold it, then regretted your decision and bought another one of the same model? Yeah, I’ve done it a few times. In one case (a 6122-1959), I did it twice. And I almost did it a 3rd time. But the deal fell through. Ya see, my left hand has concluded that it prefers a neck with a 1.75” nut.

    That’s not hard to find in an acoustic guitar, and I have a few of them. But I spend most of my time playing electric, and finding an electric with a neck like that is a little more challenging. Eastman makes quite a few, and I’ve owned a few, and they’re close, but not quite what I was looking for. I ordered a custom Warmoth neck for a Tele I built, and it's nice, but it doesn't have a Bigsby, so it's not really a guitar.

    In Gretsch-land, that narrows it down to two models: the 6122-1959, and the now-discontinued G6120-CGP. I found a used 6122, it was even a HOF version, in orange, but that deal didn’t work out.

    Then, Deke Dickerson posted on Facebook that he was rehearsing at Dave’s Guitar shop in LaCrosse, WI, and what a great store it was. And maybe it was destiny, but I looked at their website, and whaddya know, I found a CGP, another guitar I’d divested (different unit, same model), the 1.75” nut, with the 24.6” scale, this could be my dream guitar. Coincidentally, I had inquired about this very guitar a couple of months ago, when it was on, and asked if there was any wiggle room on the price, and they offered a significant discount. Then I forgot about it. I re-inquired as to whether the offer was still good, and they agreed and said it was. So I said “Let’s light this candle!” and the deal was done. So all I needed to do was see if the aluminum nut would tolerate the kind of Bigsby whang-age I generally inflict. My last CGP had issues and I ended up getting a nylon nut installed.

    Guitar arrived Monday, Dave's insists that you leave it in the box for 24 hours after arrival to facilitate climatic acclimation, but I'm used to quarantining, so this wasn't THAT torturous. And not surprisingly, the aluminum nut acted just like the one on my last CGP did, maybe even worse. Moderate string bending even knocks it right out of tune, so off to the shop it goes. But since after yesterday I wasn't going to be seeing it again for a few days, I decided to take it to jazz band rehearsal so I could have a couple hours of quality time with it, and Bigsby usage (or string bending, for that matter) is never called for there. So I folded the arm (I replaced the fixed arm with a "normal" handle) back into what I call the "Harrison Position" over the tailpiece, and enjoyed the living daylights out of it. Even the trombone players remarked on how pretty it is, and after getting there a little early, I was warming up with the volume down and the director said "Turn that up, I'd like to hear it." Well, OK then.

    I know what you're thinking ("Pictures or it didn't happen"). In my haste to get the nut issue resolved and what-not, I forgot about taking any pictures, and the listing from Dave's is no longer up, so I can't borrow their pictures. A couple of unique features to this particular unit are that it was originally sold by Matt Umanov Guitars and one of their stickers is on the back of the headstock under the CGP decal and an inventory sticker of theirs is on the case. And also, some poor misguided former owner had removed the Bigsby and put a regular tailpiece on it (mind-boggling, I agree), but the Bigsby was restored and the holes from the blasphemous tailpiece were filled.

    And when it's done, I’ll have my (latest) dream guitar. And some pictures.
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    Aug 9, 2020
    I had my 67 Fender Coronado with me and went to have a look around Vintage and Rare when it was in Denmark street “what you got in there mate” ask the guy from the shop I showed him and he said go pick a guitar out. I had never owned a 335 and picked out a tatty ‘78 in cherry ended up doing the swap plus a couple of hundred quid. I never really bonded with the 335 and A couple of years later I ended up back in the shop and there she was MY fender Coronado just been traded in from the guy who brought it so I had to buy it. Not really a workable live guitar but it plays nice at home and looked amazing
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    Hey Frank I'm a big fan of 1.75 as well. The one I really want to get a hold of to try is a Billy Duffy signature which is 1.71. Have you ever had the opportunity to play one?
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    Oct 26, 2008
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    Hi, Larry. Nope, never seen one. Didn’t know the necks were that wide. I’ll try one out if I ever get the chance, but not likely to need another guitar. I’ve still got one inbound that’s a bit behind schedule, hopefully we’ll see that one soon.
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    Sounds like a great guitar, but you're killing us with the no pics thing Lol. Congrats, hope the new nut makes it perfect.

    Side note, Deke's been making a lot of cool Facebook posts the past few months (which is about when I stumbled onto his page and started following him). Interesting character, saw him once live maybe 10 or more years ago, really enjoyed the show. Awesome that one of his posts connected you with a good deal on a cool guitar!
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    Mar 4, 2021
    Congrats! I bet it feels good getting this one. Good luck!
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