NPUD..... T-Armonds finally!

Discussion in 'The Pickup Place' started by ruger9, Feb 4, 2020.

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    Good options, tnx! Somehow I always forget about Rio Grande. Probably cause they are a pain to get a hold of.
    It appears the GFS NY2 is constructed like a P90.
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    May 11, 2017
    Very nice one!

    A bit similar to a plan that started developing in my brain a few months ago, consisting of a thinline Telecaster and maybe the Blacktop Trons from my 5420, maybe another kind of filterish pickups ... with very few electronics and, hopefully, a neck-through-design (not sure yet how well this goes with a thinline, but I see no problem, but don't wanna distract here).

    Telecasters and most of their derivatives are cool!

    T-Armonds, DeArmonds and their relatives are ... I do like them, from the little bit playing guitars who had these (two times in stores, one used 6120 from 2010-ish and one I don't remember exactly ... some kind of junior centerblock). Definitely, these are on my list of stuff-to-have, and the Tele that will start its life with the Blacktops is likely to receive a pair of T-Armonds in the long run, but I haven't decided yet - maybe I'll keep them, as they're by no means bad or something.

    I wasn't sure about TVJ making the single coil types RWRP, but as I read here (... I wasn't sure, I supposed they are, as there's no benefit in them being not, but one in them being, and the guys at TVJ know exactly what they do - and, to be fair, charge a quite severe amount, but as their pickups are of absolute top-end quality - they're worth it) they are ... that's cool, as it means the wiring that came up recently ... I forgot who it was ... should work out well and flawless ... the one with two T90s and a whatever-tron in the middle and takes the burden of either accepting hum even in middle position or doing something about it from my plans - a dummy coil you don't need is the best imaginable one).

    Regarding the Tele pickups Seymour makes ... the quarterpound-ones never caught my intereset, but the stacked-humfree ones are cool, too. Sound very very singlecoilish, while hum is cancelled out - they did a good job on these ... ok, it's not the purist's choice, but nevertheless it's my choice, without any regrets - I love my Tele, who has these. Using 500 k pots there, although a direct replacement for a singlecoil, although a classic Tele works fine with 250 k, is better than using the latter - the little bit less twangy they are is diminished by the use of higher valued pots. I tried this out, and you hear a difference, although it's less than I'd have expected, it still is there and audible - at least with the bridge pickup engaged alone. There are a lot of options for Telecasters and their relatives, and some are really great - TVJ's pickups as well as SD's ... meaning - how many Teles one has doesn't matter, there's always one kind of those missing, haha, always room and reason for another one (it's possible to have enough Teles, but impossible to have too many...).

    But, anyway - congrats on this nice one, she looks cool, straight and simple, and with the right ingredients (which I see in the first post), I have no doubt she also sounds more than just good. She met your expectations, did she?

    ... and she's a beauty, although her colours aren't really mine ... they're yours I guess, and that's what counts.
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    Nov 1, 2008
    Well, I've had it about 3 years. I knew immediately the GUITAR (wood) was a keeper... spent about a year trying different Filtertrons in it, none of them made me happy, then I put TVJ T-90s in it for the last 2 years- LOVE them. But have always wanted to try T-Armonds, so in they went. I'll live with them awhile, until I know their tone like the back of my hand, before trying something else (very likely Rio Grande BBQ'Trons, for something completely different.)
  4. ruger9

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    Nov 1, 2008
    Just back with a quick review, after having them a little while....

    I love them. I had T-90s in it before, and they are also great, especially for rock sounds, but the T-Armonds are big, fat, clear, lovely, sounding pickups. Like a fat tele. (The T-90s were like a fat DIRTY tele lol).

    Nice thick highs on the plain strings, and piano-like lows on the wound strings. Think Jim Campilongo and Duke Levine. They are actually very similar to regular tele pickups, but with less icepick on the bridge, which I love. If you want your Cabronita to sound more like a tele, get the T-Armonds.

    I like them with a little gain, like an overdrive pedal to help the amp be a little pushed... but I'm not really digging them for higher gain, or even rock, sounds. That's ok- I have other guitars for that. Not saying they don't sound good, I just prefer the other guitars over the T-Armonds. But for gorgeous clean and semi-dirty tones, the T-Armonds are very hard to beat.
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    @ruger9 thanks for the follow-up. These are on my Santa list.
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