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    I picked up a "new" pedal that I had been thinking about for awhile now - the Digitech Mosaic - it emulates a 12-string sound. I say that I have thought about it for awhile, because I have read a lot of conflicting reviews about how well it emulates a 12-string. After getting a chance to play with it, I can say that it might not be perfect in it's emulation, but it's close enough that only the true 12-string aficionados would have a problem with it.

    I spent time playing my Taylor (rosewood back and sides) and my Epiphone Masterbilt (mahogany back and sides), through the Mosaic, and after a little tweaking, I was very impressed. It sounded ok with a Strat, but not what I would want, but with an Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow and a Tennessee Rose, this pedal was truly magical.

    I like that I won't have to take 2 guitars anytime I need a 12-string for a song, so my Takamine A-E 12-string, and my electric Alex Chase Cobra 12-string will likely go up for sale.

    Here are the pics, because it did happen:

    IMGP0042.JPG IMGP0043.JPG
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    What does it sound like it you plug a 12 string into it? A 24 string?
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    Cool man! Get yer 12 on!!
    Best number ever, btw. ;)

    My wife and I both permanently sport that digit, having dated 12 years before marrying on 12/12 and our daughter being born in ‘12.

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    Admin Post
    Ahhh ....somebody remembered the original unofficial rule ;) Congrats on the new pedal Bob . I had one a few years back , nice pedal IMO . I think my 3rd 12 string will be arriving on Halloween . Enjoy the pedal
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    Feb 6, 2015
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    Congrats and thanks for the review. I've been considering this unit for quite awhile.
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    Congratulations on your new pedal.
    But that's quite a strange move to get rid of your actual 12-string guitars, especially the accoustic one. I would have kept it if I had one.
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    Oct 20, 2010
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    I hear these Mosaics are among the best of the 12-string simulation pedals..
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    For me, the magic number is 11. It's in my birthday, military ID# and unit, phone, and a half dozen addresses where I've lived.

    Back to the subject at hand, all in all, I'd rather have a real 12 string than a pedal.
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    Cool pedal, I got the Sub 'n' Up instead of the 12 string guitar, space and budget being issues. Keep one of your 12 strings, just because.
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    I've always wondered about that, too.
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  11. LivingMyDream

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    I'll let you know!
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    I can't fault either of you for your thoughts on this, because I've had the very same thoughts when I first entertained the idea of trying the Mosaic pedal. It's also why it's taken a few years of thought, and listening to videos of this pedal.

    Here's been my thinking, though. There were two issues that made me choose this pedal. First, my acoustic-electric 12-string is a Takamine EG523SC-12, and although I have had it for better than 15 years now, the neck just a little fatter than I would like. I have played it in front of others a number of times, but I am also glad when I am finished, because my left hand starts to cramp. Second, about 5 years ago, I did find a 12-string that was, for me, perfect in sound and feel. It was a Taylor 352ce, but I had made other purchases (including another Taylor) that made it impossible for me to pull the trigger at the time. Since retirement, I can't see my ability to afford the Taylor getting substantially better (but who knows for sure).

    Fast forward to now and I still have an issue with the hand cramping when I play the Takamine, my Alex Chase Cobra 12-string electric is nice, but it's also not an acoustic sound. After giving the Mosaic a lot of thought over the past several years, I decided to give it a try. It turned my Taylor 710ce 6 string into a very convincing 12-string sound, and my Gretsch hollowbodies and an Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow also sing very nicely through the Mosaic.

    I'm not likely to be playing in front of others much anymore, so this pedal lets me turn any guitar that I pick up into a credible 12-string sound that makes me smile . . . and I have no hand cramps. :)
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  13. JeffreyLeePierre

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    Sure these are good reasons.
    And selling both the Takamine and the Alex Chase Cobra would not fund a Taylor?

    Anyway, if that good for you, then that's the right move.
  14. LivingMyDream

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    JLP, I do wish the Takamine and the Alex Chase Cobra would bring enough to fund the Taylor 12-string, but neither are high end guitars, so I might be able to get about $500 toward the $2,000 Taylor. The used Mosaic was only $90, and for now I still have my two 12-string, with a feeling that they might be expendable. Since I retired to live with my daughter's family to help with grandchildren, the amount of space that I have has reduced dramatically, so fewer guitars could be helpful to my situation.
  15. Jeff67

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    Nov 3, 2019
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    Something else I'm curious about... Years ago I had a Digitech RP12. It had a 12 string simulator patch that to me sounded more like an octave pedal- it generated an octave note for each string, instead of an octave note for low E, A, D, and G with unison notes for B and high E the way a 12 string is tuned. Does this pedal (or any other) actually produce the unison notes for the two highest strings?
  16. LivingMyDream

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    Jeff, I can't confirm it, but to my ear, I would say it is the unison notes that are missing here as well. I'm pretty sure it's the octave notes that are giving it the "12-string emulation," and if it indeed the doubling of the B and E that is missing, it would account for that bit of extra fullness that's missing. For 12-string purists, this pedal would be considered a miss, but for an average person listing to a band perform, I don't think they would know the difference.

    It really all comes down to "needs." If I was doing an acoustic solo or duet, and needed a 12-string, I would probably want the true 12-string acoustic 0r acoustic-electric. If I wanted to add a 12-string sound to an overall band sound, then this Mosaic pedal is just fine, especially since it has mix and tone knobs to make sure it sits well in the mix.

    I'm doing a solo in church tomorrow, and I am considering using this pedal and my Taylor 6-string to give a soft 12-string sound to the song.
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    awe yes, the virgin skin has been pierced!!! There's no turning back, more tattoos to follow :) :)
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