Not a fan of - ZITS!!!!

Fairlane Blue

Sep 24, 2018
The south end of Hell
The worst zits to get are the ones just under your nose, along the side your nose, and the occasionally one actually in the nostril (from an in-grown hair). Brings tears to the eyes, but they simply must be popped, or actually lanced with a sharp needle. State law, you can look it up. Doctors don't know everything. I have spoken.

(Also, the worst place to get a mosquito bite is on the top of your foot anywhere, but especially the bit where your shoe ends and rubs against it.)

I seem to get a few zits here and there if for any reason I need to be on antibiotics. I think it's my body appreciating the medical boost and purges out any kind of foreign stuff in my skin.
It's just as bad when you get them along your lip - the edge between your face and where it starts curving. It's almost impossible to squeeze that area. I hate that so much!!
Ever get zits in your eyelids? Yes in, not on.
I've had an infection in my eyelash that made it swell and I had to use a pair of specially shaped hemostats to squeeze it out. This ran like water. It was so swollen that I could hardly stand it! Those are sometimes mistakenly called "alligator clamps" but they're angled hemostats. I bought these and used them to replace the control pots in my Gretsch and other hollow body guitars. They work perfectly and are a blessing!