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    Feb 17, 2020
    Even metal dental work.
    And the old crystal radio kits when I was a boy. Cost almost nothing, came with no antenna but an alligator clip on a wire you'd attach to a metal fence or whatever.

    Not a big deal but some may not know...why do fluorescent lights give you buzz and hum? They are actually flashing 60 (in the US) times a second and each time throw some electrical interference into the air. Like a movie, we can't see it's flashing.
    Why does a dimmer do that too? Kind of the same thing, if it is set for 50% light then the light is off 50% of the time, flashing 60 times a second.

    Gee, two years of electrical engineering in college and that's about all I remember!

    I'm not sure about LED bulbs but I suspect they work that way too. Since analog (tungsten) bulbs are now illegal in many areas things are not looking good.
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    That's what I call heavy metal noooiise!
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    My old friend is a master electrician. I once asked him why the lights in the parking lot hum. Since he can't resist being a wisenheimer, he said it was because they forgot the words...
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    Electrical emissions are tuff. I got called into a hospital in LA to look at a blood gas instrument that was giving some erratic readings. I could find nothing wrong with the instrument different electrical outlets no change but I looked out a window and right next to us was a big radio antenna. I asked the tech how the they had the instrument here and where was it before. Turns out anywhere on that side of the building where that antenna was would cause erratic readings.
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    Dimmers are notorious for noise. Fluorescent and neon lights are as well. Motors of any kind can present issues. HVAC and fridges are sources, too.

    We had a fish tank heater that would cause our analog TV to go bonkers.

    In our theater, we'd often have to do outside shows getting our power from old WWII military generators. Nightmarish at best. All of our audio racks had power conditioners and power came from isolation transformers.

    Tracing down noise issues can be a major PITA.
    Good luck!
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    Glad you figured it out and didn't have to spend time and effort rewiring the guitar.
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    I have read that during WWII the actress, Lucille Ball (when she was a young woman and before she became famous), detected sounds in her dental work when she was walking in a particular area in Los Angeles. Turned out to be a spy transmitting information with a hidden radio.
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