Nocturne FD Users Rise!!!


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Dec 29, 2009
Been searching for @ lower volume OD.
Tube Screamer… colors too much
Rat vibe…too dirty.
Barnyard Jr…”just a tickle” very cool but still not right.
Doubled up on Dyno Brain… Best but need bit more grind @ lower volumes..
Wanting natural overdriven tones not Fuzz or Distortion and without tonal coloring..

…..Is the Fluid Drive the ticket?
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Oct 26, 2008
Los Angeles
Yes. I have both a Fluid Drive and a Marquesan in my analog rig, and my overdrive needs are well covered. Had to pull the Nailhead out to make room, but no (major) regrets, as long as I have tremolo on the amp I’m playing through. And I can always run the Nailhead outboard.


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Nov 1, 2008
Just curious... has anyone owned a Timmy, and can compare the FD to it? I know Tavons was/is a huge Tim/Timmy fan, and I was wondering if the Fluid Drive was, say, very much in that ballpark or not.

Asking because, I have an MXR Timmy and love it, BUT: I hate mini pedals and would rather have a full-size version. Yes, I know there are full-size Timmys, but there are 3 different versions by Paul himself, all different. And I don't like the backwards-working knobs on the Timmys. (The MXR knobs all work traditional: CW is more, CCW is less).


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Dec 29, 2009
I don’t need another “dirt peddle” if this puts a clean signal into a simulated “edge of break up” drive zone I’m in. My pre and drive needs are a set and forget. Little Nail Head usage and a clean boost for solos. if I could use my Bassman @ 4-5 all problems would be solved. But most situations won’t allow it..


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Dec 1, 2010
Sydney, Australia
The Fluid Drive is in the Mystery Brain loop. The rest are all in-line, right to left and top to bottom. I consider this to be as close as I can get to the perfect main drive pedalboard (for me!) ( Love to have a few $$ for every time I have made this statement! ;))