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    Jul 23, 2019
    I just ordered an LR Baggs T bridge and Control X, I think this is very similar to what PRS is using on their SE Piezo. Hopefully it will fit in the hollow wings of the center-block jr! My shop says they have installed similar piezos in electrics before, so I think they should be able to handle it, they may have to put a battery access door on the back or side. I just need to get another Gretsch "G" knob for the new piezo vol/blend control to match the other knobs on my Electromatic. Don't mean to hijack, will post a follow-up thread when I get this done, but thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. A lot easier for me to mod an existing guitar than to bring home an entirely new one in my situation. And I ordered a Fishman NeoD humbucker sound hole pickup to blend with for my piezo-equipped acoustics, so, yeah, I went for it!
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    Somebody wanna pic my jaw up off the floor..?.....:confused:
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    May 15, 2020
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    Mar 4, 2021
    Wow, that’s nice. Congrats! Thanks for showing us.
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    That's very cool that you decided to go for it! I look forward to the completed project.
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    May 8, 2014
    Enjoy it. I'm impressed.
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    Happy new guitar! It looks great.

    I've got 4 PRS S2 guitars, that came with 85/15s pickups. I replaced one set (semi-hollow), with Seymour Duncan, Saturday Night Specials, and one with a Porter Gatekeeper set. The new pickups sound great, but the 85/15s have more sounds, that I find useable.
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    Hey LMD, sorry my friend but I somehow missed this post. What a gorgeous guitar! LOVE IT!

    The spec sheet on the first page says the pickups are 58/15. Tell me about them. I don't know as much as I should about PRS guitars but the SE I have has 85/15 pickups. They sound really good too!
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    Congrats, @LivingMyDream , glad you're enjoying. Admitted SE fan here, I have two MIKs from back in the WMI-built days, and while this one's not quite as hollow as yours, here's a pic of my recently (and very stealthily) modded '09 Custom Semi-Hollow...

    2009 PRS SE Semi-Hollow Custom modded.jpg
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    Very nice! Would you be so kind as to share the mods that you did?
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    Aug 15, 2008
    Looks lovely, congratulations
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    Happy to, as I find it kind of a fun story...

    Got that '09 model late last year, in like new condition (but for the fretboard, which -- while not at all worn -- was in need of a thorough cleaning), with a stand and a strap, for exactly $200.

    After selling the stand and the strap and the Seymour Duncan-made Benedetto pickups that were already in there, which were way too warm and chocolatey (verging on syrupy) sounding for me, the total cost of the guitar ended up being...$30. I know: unreal.

    Spent a while figuring out how to make this beautiful piece of machinery work best (for me), and recently settled on deploying this bunch of bits and bobs that've literally just been sitting around the house waiting to be put to good use:

    pickups: 2 Fender DeArmond USA Gold Tone (humbucking)

    controls: from bridge to rear body edge are Volume, Tone 1 (treble cut), Tone 2 (bass cut), Pickup Pan (with center détente). An extra hole was drilled between the Volume knob and the original single Tone (treble cut) knob, which was relocated to that new/center position hole as Tone 1 (treble cut), so as to place Tone 2 (bass cut) at the end of that line of three knobs. A new Pickup Pan knob replaced the stock three-way pickup selector toggle switch.

    pots: 4 Alpha 500K Audio Taper

    caps: Volume 270pf, Tone 1 (treble cut) .022uf, Tone 2 (bass cut) 1000pf

    So, after $120 of labor costs for the modding and a fresh set up -- my total out of pocket skyrocketed to...$150, and the end result was that an already impressive-from-the-WMI-factory, MIK "budget" guitar is now incredibly versatile, able to deliver completely hum-free tones from super-skinny to full-fat, anywhere on the "clean to mean" spectrum (within the parameters of the replacement pickup set's "vintage PAF"-like design, of course), and with whatever precise amount of bridge and/or neck pickup you might want dialed in at any given moment; plus, it's got low but buzz-free action, surprisingly acceptable intonation despite the one piece, wraparound bridge, and is a real lightweight at exactly/only 6 pounds on my digital scale.

    Sorry for the ramble, but you did ask!
  13. LivingMyDream

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    I had a PRS SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 a few years back, and it had the 85/15S pickups. They were nice pickups, but they didn't play well with my amps, so I let it go. It's probably unfair of me to comment too much on the 85/15S pickups, simply because my amps did not show them at their best. I will say that they had a nice bottom end, and nice treble tone (when I was auditioning the guitar at GC). It wasn't glassy or sparkling treble tones, but the treble was clearly present. I did feel that the bottom end could get muddy if there I dialed in too much bass on the amp.

    The 58/15S pickups, on the other hand, have a nice bottom end that doesn't seem to get too muddy (maybe a touch) and the treble seems a bit more glassy in its character (becoming more sparkly as you add the piezo pickup). I read somewhere that the 58/15S could be compared favorably with the Gibson Classic 57's. Having installed those in an Epi LP years ago (love the Classic 57's), i would say that the characterization is not far off, with the 58/15S having maybe a bit more bass in the sound. Another thing I would say is that the 58/15S and the Classic 57's share a more vintage tone, while the 85/15S is a more modern, somewhat aggressive tone.

    Having said all this, I can certainly warm the tone considerably by using the tone knob, and/or adding more or less of the piezo pickup (I really like the addition of the piezo tones). I can also get a strong trebly tone with the tone knob, and it goes over the top with the piezo pickup dialed up.
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    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    Thanks. Terrific info. I love the Classic 57s too so I can relate.
  15. azrielle

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    Feb 24, 2021
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    I recently went with what I could--just barely--afford, and even then had to be with Zzounds' play as you pay plan: PRS SE Standard Hollowbody, 100% Mahogany construction.
    That said, I am very pleased with it, has better unamplified resonance than my similarly sized G2655, though not as much as my larger G5410T.
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