Discussion in 'Streamliner Gretsch Forum' started by juks, May 2, 2021.

  1. MadKaw

    MadKaw Electromatic

    Apr 17, 2020
    Michigan, USA
    Wow! What a beauty.
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  2. JeffreyLeePierre

    JeffreyLeePierre Country Gent

    Congratulations, great color.
    But I'm not a huge fan of the pickguard, a black obe would have been better. Or none. In my humble opinion, of course.
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  3. Archtops

    Archtops Synchromatic

    Mar 4, 2021
    Very cool! Congrats on the new Gretsch.
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  4. juks

    juks Gretschie

    Nov 26, 2020
    Fremont, California
    I'm kinda switching opinions on that one myself.
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