NGD!! You GOTTA watch this.

Discussion in 'Guitar & Gear Reviews' started by TSims1, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. audept

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    Congrats, Tony!
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    Admin Post
    Congratulations T . Great video and thank you for posting
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  3. mbkri

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    Sep 22, 2012
    That’s a whole guitar built somewhere and imported to the US and retailing for less than the price of a set of fender CS pickups. My guess is that there’s people somewhere doing a lot of something in a factory for not much per hour. They Surely can’t automate the building and component assembly of semi hollow body guitars can they? I don’t get it either
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  4. Randy99CL

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    Feb 17, 2020
    I'm new to this whole guitar thing and know very little at this point. Watching lots of videos to learn what I can.

    There are a few (some relatively new) companies making decent guitars for amazingly low prices. Darrel Braun is one reviewer testing some of them and the quality is surprising.

    Firefly, Harley Benton and Indio (Monoprice) are three companies making decent gear starting at around $100US.

    Just as the Gretsch Streamliners, G&L instruments and others are amazingly good for less than $500, decent quality has trickled down to where a cheaper import can be surprisingly playable.

    I bought an Indio Tele clone for $99 after watching some reviews. It is actually not bad, the hardware is cheap but the neck, fingerboard, frets and body are good enough for the Esquire clone I want to build and play around with.
    14 Indio Retro Classic.jpg
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  5. new6659

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    Great review and thanks for that. I wonder how much CNC technology has to do with the amazing quality coming out at the lower price levels from Asia. I was shocked how well made my first Gretsch Electromatic was when I got it around three years ago; it's a great time to be a guitar player.
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  6. RG7X

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    Nov 11, 2018
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    I dig your vibe, man. Good review... I've been skeptical of this brand myself but I'm intrigued.
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  7. JeffreyLeePierre

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    Congratulations on your new guitar, seems terrific for the price indeed.
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  8. Ricochet

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    Congrats T! I like how you as a consummate professional aren't above budget instruments.
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  9. TSims1

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    Jun 18, 2013
    No, it’s a thrill to find a bargain. I have guitars that are several thousand dollars. I expect them to be good. They BETTER be fantastic. But when you find something for under a grand that is outstanding(and in this case under $200!!), it’s a thrill!
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  10. Tadhg

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    Aug 8, 2019
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    Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum had a gold FF338 for a long while there. He loved it. Think he wasn't quite so successful with one of the LPJ's he bought from them...
    He then went into a couple of FF groups on FB, and managed to get banned from at least one of the groups. Because he continued to say the one wasn't that great, even if the other was ok, and the FF338 was great. Those FF groups sound like they're full of absolutely rabid fans.
    And the guitars are regularly sold out instantaneously. It's also not uncommon to see spec changes between runs - not always for the better. And there's talk they regularly sell for more than retail secondhand.

    Not only is that spalted veneer lovely, but the bookmatching on it looks top class, too. And I really like the shape. There's lots of semi-hollows out there - aside from Gibson and Gretsch - that, in the struggle to find something that's not trademarked and holds its own, manage to look rather ungainly. Ryan did a shoot out against a Harley Benton, I thought the FF looked way better. And it wasn't just the colour - for me, it was the shape of the horns and length to width ratio. It doesn't look bloated, it maintains good symmetry...
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  11. TSims1

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    Jun 18, 2013

    Totally agree.
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  12. MikeSchindler

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    Feb 3, 2014
    Speaks volumes and makes you wonder why our big manufacturers sell their guitars at 3000 plus... maybe they should look into who builds Firefly.. lol. Question - how would you honestly compare it to the 5420 Gretsch which is now 800 plus?
  13. senojnad

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    Jul 13, 2008
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    A GREAT review, and one that raises all sort of temptations here!! LOVE the look of that top!! On my way to Firefly web site.....

    WONDERFUL playing by you, T!! Thanks!
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  14. TSims1

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    Jun 18, 2013

    While obviously completely different guitars.....speaking to the build quality on my particular’s as good.
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  15. Freshy

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    Sep 30, 2017
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    Ive been looking for a chassis to drop a set of Alameda Off Kiltertrons on.
    Price is right

  16. MikeSchindler

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    Feb 3, 2014
    TSims1- wow.. great! Enjoy
  17. aFriendbFrosty

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    May 22, 2020
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    @TSims1 , Great Review!
    Congrats on the new purchase.

    I picked up a goldtop F338 last year because well... Goldtop... :D. Back then they were selling for 140.

    The core/bones build of the guitar was spot on, but there were some fit&finish issues: knobs rubbed up against the top, bridge posts weren't fully seated and debris under the finish. Nothing terrible and aside from the debris under the finish, easily remedied.
    From your review, it sounds like they improved their quality standards. That probably explains the slightly higher pricepoint.

    My plan was to turn it into a test mule of sorts by setting it up with quick connector plugs, making it easier/quicker to swap out pickups whenever I felt like it. I've been so happy with it stock that I never bothered with the mod, haha.

    Now the real challenge will be to get the firefly case. Those suckers sell out faster than the guitarso_O:)
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  18. Telechamp

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    I have to say that was a very good review.
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    GOOBALL JEFF Synchromatic

    Oct 1, 2019
    the best guitar i have ever owned in my 30 years of playing Unbenannt.jpg this one is a very close second cheaper than the firefly thumbnail_IMG_8428.jpg third what turned out to be just a squier but with the best sound and playability of all tele's SAM_0738.JPG
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  20. JC higgy

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