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    Been thinking about a 1/2 size acoustic I can share with my grandson, who will turn 5 in a couple of months. I ended up walking out of Guitar Showcase yesterday (in NorCal for a funeral) with a junior Yamaha FG, which is actually a 3/4 size but was virtually identical to a 1/2 sized guitar in the store. It plays and sounds pretty good to my hands and ears, and is easier for the wee one to hold. The frets are very nice for a $150 instrument. I'll put a set of flatwound strings on it and maybe try to lower the action a smidge to avoid killing the boy's tender fingers.

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    Congratulations on the guitar but more congratulations on giving the " gift of music " to your grandson . Great instrument those Yamaha FG's . I still have my FG-160 from 1976
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    Good job Grandpa. The youngster should enjoy learning from you.
    First guitar I bought my granddaughter is a Yamaha C40 for school band.
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