NGD! Only slightly modified


Aug 8, 2016
Everett wa
I decided my black rat rod was so cool I needed a spare so I got a white one. It arrived with the worst set up I’ve ever seen. Must have been new hire day at the factory. The neck had serious backbow, frets were unlevel and had sharp ends, bridge was set really high. Luckily I can do that work myself or I would have sent it back.

I threw on a rocking bridge and dressed up the pickups with better magnets, different covers, and got rid of the redtop! I tried a few versions but settled on this design made from my merch stickers
F1E44FE4-9E8C-4C09-BEB6-D37866AC8ED2.jpeg AFF6CB21-D74B-4A87-88BF-AB49899EC7EB.jpeg B3FFACF4-E1A7-4E2C-A0B5-5A9EA9BD0A42.jpeg