NGD - new gretsch day

TV the Wired Turtle

Jul 25, 2009
Sandy Eggo
Picked up a Panther recently and gave it a pimped reboot. I dont like hs filtertrons, so put tv classics in, took off the cartoony panther pickguard, cleaned the volume pots,added a brass serpentune, a gold spring and some falcon bling. Lovely instrument, although I dont know if I'll bond with its double cutaway and center block, yet I love black guitars and this is sexy. We're dating..



Friend of Fred
Jun 17, 2013
Sarnia Ontario Canada
Nice, bought my Panther in 2013 and haven’t stopped loving and playing it. When I purchased mine there were none available in Canada so found one, a black one, at Elderly Instruments in Michigan and my Wife bought it for me for my Birthday.
I agree, they look best without the pick guard. Sure hope you’re able to bond with it.


Country Gent
Sep 22, 2012
So glad you got it Tavo. I was worried it was contingent on the sale of your listing.
if i hadnt just pulled the trigger on a falcon the day before this popped up then i probably would have been in a race with you to snag it.
Hope you love it as you get to know it.
Its a beauty