NGD: My first Gretsch


Jan 18, 2022
New York
I have been looking for a hollow body guitar for a couple of months now and had narrowed it down to the Gretsch White Falcon or Gretsch '59 Chet Atkins

Then, out of nowhere, I came across the White Falcon Billy Duffy signature and fell in love - the white with the silver sparkle binding (including binding the F-holes) OH YEAH!!!

Well, it arrived yesterday afternoon and I begrudgingly left it unopened for 24 hours to allow it to acclimate to the temperature change from being on a UPS truck in the cold for a couple of days to being inside a heated home

I just opened it and, after getting the paper underneath the bridge removed, I took some photos and now cannot wait to tune it up and see what it can do

EDIT: I lurked here during my research phase before finally joining up today - what I have noticed is that many forum members recommend replacing the bridge on White Falcons - why is that?







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Feb 7, 2019
Staffordshire Moorlands, UK
Stunning guitar.

Regarding the bridge, I suggest spending a while playing the Falcon as is and see how you go. I believe it has a decent quality Adjustomatic bridge. It certainly should be on a premium Proline. I'm not sure how much difference something like an ABM-2400 roller bridge would make. The alternative would be a bar bridge. TruArc, Compton or dbridge are the quality replacements. They are available in various base materials which all impact on the tone. Only you can decide which of those is best for you. With a bar bridge there is no possibility of rattles and they slightly more comfortable for palm muting but they are not as adjustable in order to achieve perfect intonation.

I have an ABM-2400 on my 5622. I found improved tone and lower string breakage compared to the stock Electromatic TOM bridge but that bridge will be of lower quality to yours. My Annie has the stock Gretsch bar bridge. Out of the box and straight onto the guitar, the ABM-2400 had good enough intonation for both my ears and on the tuners. I haven't bothered fine tuning it. The bridge on my Annie has just as good intonation as the unadjusted ABM-2400.


Jan 18, 2022
New York
I am a bit confused by some Gretsch terminology when it comes to the "Mud Switch"

Is "up" when I toggle the switch towards me and "down" when it is away from me? or, vice versa?

Thank you