NGD G5420tg-59


Feb 26, 2019
Today my 5420 arrived from sweetwater. Since it was colder today, I had to let it acclimate. Once I did , I unpacked it and inspected it. It came to me absolutely flawless . Once again the Korean made 5420 impressed me with their workmanship. Checked the action , fretwork and intonation. The fretwork is actually fantastic. Usually I feel the need to give it a good fret polishing , but the frets looked and felt great. Action is set at about 4/64ths with about .009 of relief. No buzzing and the guitar plays great.

I has forgotten how nice those blacktops sound . Nice gretschy tone. I plugged it into my 59 Bassman ri and got some great tones. 06D234AB-2132-47F9-96BE-58FEAF020BFA.jpeg Im going to play it for a few days ,then take the strings off and check the frets for straightness and recheck intonation , relief, etc. I used the bigsby and no evidence of nut binding.

All in all i am so impressed. This is my second one . I unfortunately had to sell the first one a while back, so I knew what I was getting into. The only negative , and it’s a tiny one is the pickup switch is noisy when switching positions. I might eventually replace it at some point. Also the case reeks of glue and I’ll figure some way to get rid of it. Again not a big deal. These Korean made 5420s are great guitars. I’ll get more pics once I spend some time with it ,but for now all I can say is Wow! That coming from someone that has some higher end guitars.


Friend of Fred
Dec 27, 2017
If something happened to the Fairlane Blue 5420 I have, the 5420tg-59 would be my instant replacement.



Friend of Fred
Aug 15, 2018
Auburn, Maine
Congratulations and Enjoy!!
The TG-59 is certainly the prettiest of the 5420Ts. I had one that I modded into oblivion and then sold on craigslist, resulting in a $500+ loss.
I sure hope you’re a smarter man then I!!