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  1. Smokebreak

    Smokebreak Electromatic

    Feb 22, 2019
    Ok I'm right in the middle of installation of the HS Filtertrons, replacing the Powertrons, and the powertrons have a metal base that is longer than the pickup by a bit, and its these ends that sit on the little pieces of compression foam, it also serves as the baseplate of the pickup itself, and is screwed and soldered to the cover.
    The bridge HS Filter doesn't have this extension, so it doesn't quite sit on the foam. (The neck HS Filter pup has the ears )I was just going to take the base plate off the Powertrons and put it on the HS trons, but then I'd have 2 plates at the bottom of the HS trons. I could rig something up but certainly somebody's been down this road before. I vaguely remember seein TV Jones selling ears or something. Is this what I need to do?
    I was just gonna put a popsicle stick across it :eek:
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  2. Smokebreak

    Smokebreak Electromatic

    Feb 22, 2019
    I put a popsicle stick in there, screwed through worked fine, then I just decided to build that foam out (and up) closer to the cavity
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  3. ishtar

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    I have been dealing with my TVJ Powertrons in my 125th Annie. Honestly, I feel I want some regular old HS Filtertrons instead. You are an inspiration!

    This may be the most problematic proline Gretsch I have come across. It is also the first Gretsch I have had that had a pinned bridge. I put on a Compton and the intonation is off. I'm working on the wood base and trying to get an additional 1/8" to the angle, as that would make things equidistant between the nut and bridge at the 12th fret. They are a cool color, but I miss my 6120 with its zero fret, and this Annie has been just a finicky thing. The only thing mine has over yours is it is a lefty.
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  4. calebaaron666

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    Aug 15, 2018
    Portland, Maine
    Damn, that’s some smokin’ pickin!
  5. lathoto

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    Apr 23, 2020
    Nice axe. My proposed solution is a speaker change (for at least one amp). Try an EVM12L. I currently play a custom 5F2A Princeton with that speaker and can really hear what the guitar is trying to sound like. The same is true for my acoustic (hot rod D-18) BTW. The reason the midrange can sometimes start to wear on the tone palette is because the bass lacks clarity. With the extended frequency response (80Hz-7kHz {-10dB}) I'm always rolling off treble in a "Tweedy" kind of way.
  6. wildeman

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    May 10, 2015
    Dig your playing. The guitar does lean toward regular humbucker territory, i can hear what you mean.
    I was gonna suggest a EQ pedal but i see you already are swapping pickups.
  7. Smokebreak

    Smokebreak Electromatic

    Feb 22, 2019
    Interesting journey, this Gretch thing ;)
    I've been playing the HS Filters for a few days...adjusting them every which way, getting used to them, seeing what they can do.
    When I put them in I also put on a set of the EB pure nickel strings(10s), and I gotta say I'm not fond of them. The unwound strings seem harsh , the opposite of what I expected. That's what's in the video. This amp is very dark, It's an old Magnatone/Silvertone 6V6 monster jumbled up circuit that I actually always run the bright switch on for really any guitar. I actually turned it off for this video, and since then I've messed around with the pickups and poles some more, and stuck 3 unwound regular EB slinky strings and they are not as harsh to me.

    I'm starting to think this guitar needs heavier strings too. The ones that came on it felt great, I assumed they were 10s(by feel) and D'addarios(by colored ball ends), but maybe they were 11s, as the neck has a lil less relief now.

    I followed the TV jones height recommendations, but I think I like them a bit lower.
    As far as the balance between the 2, it's close, but I'm having a hard time with the treble/clarity. When I get the neck where I want it(and its beautiful there, as well as the middle), the bridge is a bit much on the brightness, and vice versa, the neck gets a lil muddy. It's really just the 3 unwound strings on the bridge position that's bugging me. I wished they would compress a bit more when I really hit em, be they are soooooo open sounding.
    I'm starting to see why the Classic + might be the ticket for the bridge.

    For the tone switch, I kept the 3n9 cap, but put a 100K resistor under the 10n cap, so that position is the equivalent of a slight rolloff of a traditional tone pot. It actually works really well to tame the bridge a bit.

    Ishtar I may be working on my bridge a bit too, I'll post when I get some more time.
    Lathoto thanks for the speaker rec with the PTrons, I'm just starting to play this thing with different speakers and amps I have around here, and maybe just haven't found the right fit yet. I'm not planning on selling the Ptrons anytime soon ;)
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