NGD… just when i thought i was DONE!


Country Gent
Sep 22, 2012
I didnt mean to, honest i didnt. I couldnt help myself.
2016 case queen g6128t.
I’d had a 6128 TVP powerjet before but it was just a bit too dark for my writing. Not quite Gretsch enough.
So ive been hunting for one of these for a while. Theres always plenty of 6128 guitars out there for sale but it seems there was only a couple of years that the model was produced just how i like it with the b6 v-cut and the small headstock, mud switch and classic Gretsch thumbnails. And its immaculate!
Arrived today and got acclimatized for a few hours.
Now to plug it in and see B6727EE6-7FA9-42CE-8F66-38DF24315AFD.jpeg 99A9F496-440A-46E2-8DCA-4473A8E86D95.jpeg EA665AD5-EF3D-4FE3-8C1B-ED699B06412B.jpeg F4187AD5-BFB1-49A0-A1E3-76A875D33711.jpeg CBC73D05-20AC-4971-AE58-7B0CE680692B.jpeg D0A8CC67-72E5-48E5-BBC5-7AB21DF3A80E.jpeg


Country Gent
Sep 22, 2012
The jets. 0E49EE8A-1A29-4706-8128-9FDF801091B2.jpeg
I feel like the 6128 gets me into a few beefy spaces that the dynasonics couldnt reach.
And heres the Black beauties. Im expecting that these would be the ones i’d gig with if and when i get out there again. The 6120 has been the cornerstone of how i hear “my” sound, and the 6128 i hope will be a good counterpoint to it.
Just played around with it for a half an hour to get the intonation right and to check the electronics. Dang its just what i hoped it would be…. Especially through the Nocturn pedals.


Apr 17, 2020
Michigan, USA
Congratulations. She's a beauty.
But the only way to never buy another guitar is to never go into a music store and turn off your internet. And don't answer the door when your friends come over. (Is there anything I've forgotten?)
I know... it happened to me the other day. I ran into a guitar pusher and he made me buy one. So sad...


Country Gent
Mar 20, 2010
That is a very beautiful guitar and is one of my favorites. They play well, look great, and yes the small head stock is cool.

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your good taste in guitars.


Country Gent
May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Congrats, this and the powerjets are just the best looki g jets in my opinion, something about the black and vcut bigsby just screams cool, and i don't like black guitars.

Totally understand how you couldn't help yourself with this one.