New Video/Single (Country Club content)


Country Gent
May 15, 2020
Just published our latest single and video -- Poetry and Prayers (written by my wife -- other half of the duo). As shown in the video, the inspiration came from the peeling paint around our wood stove. Minimal production on this one. Just 2 vox and 3 guitar parts (one of which is just heavy-reverb volume swells on the Reverend).


Rene Asologuitar

Apr 3, 2022
Seattle, WA
Love the video, really tells the story!
Instrumentation is executed beautifully, done professionally.
Love the vocals, so intimate and full of conviction, and the harmony is so nice!!!
Very well done!!!


Friend of Fred
Gold Supporting Member
Aug 15, 2018
Auburn, Maine
Thanks Caleb. We like it here. Full disclosure though, the outdoor shots were at a friends farm and a county park. But the interior shots and me on the swing were at our house.
GOOD FOR YOU! Living on a farm would be a nightmare. Nonstop work, too much fresh air and toxic sunshine.
Sounds like a living hell to me.
However, it’s a great place to visit!