New Synchromatics pickup wiring question...

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    Just picked up a G2622T p90 and like most everything about it. The pickups however are not very 'musical' and a bit woofy and blanketed compared to many of my other p90s. So down the road some day I may look into the wiring or a pickup change.

    My question is--do the pickups have plugs on these things, or do are they soldered to the pots? I ask because I did a pickup swap on my 2014 Epi Sheraton and found out after I took all the time to pull everything that they had plugs inline so I could have left the volumes, tones, switch etc, untouched and just dealt with pickups and that part of the harness.

    Was looking to avoid the same trouble this time. It also informs what pickups I might buy to replace these.

    Unfortunately I don't have any way to see in there without halfway doing the job...

    Any idea of factory cap values on this?


    (pic of not mine)

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