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Apr 4, 2022
Beaumont TX
I’m just an old fart whose always been a Gibson/Fender junkie for 50+ years, who stumbled upon a great Streamliner 2420 ( I think it is) a while back and love it. My $64,000 question is are the pro lines worth the price difference. Never seen or played one in person. The Electromatics look mighty tempting but that’s still not a pro, correct? Haven’t gigged this beauty yet but it’s coming EEBD686E-08AF-4C60-B2D5-7807BB222228.jpeg


I Bleed Orange
May 17, 2009
Plymouth, MN
Never ending question with no satisfactory answer for all. In the end, whatever works for you is the right answer. If you're happy with the guitar and it gives you what you need, then that's the guitar for you. Pro Lines will have better woods, electronic components, pickups and probably set up better out of the box. However, with the exception of woods, all of those things are fixable. As someone who doesn't buy the tone wood myth, even the first is meaningless, except for visual impact. Lots of great music played on cheaper guitars. Lower priced guitars today are nothing like the beginner models of many years ago. You could probably play a Streamliner for your entire life and be just fine. Just look at Jack White or Dan Auerbach.


Dec 18, 2020
I can only give you the generic answer - only you can decide that. But I do believe it is worth finding out. I had a G5220 and ultimately wound up with a G6228. At first blush they look nearly identical. In hand, they were completely different animals in every respect. The feel, the tone, the response, all night and day. Not to mention the Japanese guitar had better build quality by orders of magnitude. In the end I was disappointed with the Electomatic and thrilled with the Proline. Things might be different on the hollowbody side.


Apr 4, 2022
Beaumont TX
I got to find a pro somewhere to try out. Don’t think my local GC has any and I know the mom and pop shop don’t. Thanks for the responses.
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Feb 10, 2010
lafayette in
Play an Electro and a Pro Line and feel the difference for yourself.

Of course, any guitar you use to make money with as a musician is a pro instrument.

Even Pro Line guitars are cheap compared to brass, woodwinds, strings, grand pianos, and pipe organs.


May 25, 2022
New York
What’s the difference? Differences in build quality, fit, finish, and attention to detail between Proline, or any professional level guitar and a well made budget guitar are huge. Are those differences meaningful to any particular player? That’s the question that only that player can answer. Is the player at a level where he can appreciate the differences? Can the player afford the Proline guitar? Where will the guitar be used? Does it make sense to risk an expensive instrument in a bar? Are the differences meaningful in the studio.

I have one Gretsch but three Fenders. I’m honestly just as happy playing my MIM Telecaster as my American Standard Strat, as my CS ‘69 Strat. The one that blows them all away is my Proline 6118T Anniversary. What’s that worth?


May 15, 2020
I've only owned a pro line (2006 6196T) and it's fine instrument. I bought it used and got a fantastic price on it. It has the HS Filtertrons and I've been happy enough with them thus far. The quality of the craftsmanship is apparent to me. It's got a solid spruce top and came with a space control bridge. I had it set up with 11-50 strings that had a 22w third but recently swapped out the space control for a Serpentune so I switch to a plain 3rd and get it to intonate. However, I'm keeping the space control because I actually really like the sound of it and want to be able to play with a wound 3rd should I decide to go back to it. I may swap out the harness though because the master volume goes dark a bit quick but the pickup pots go dark fast! I basically just keep everything on 10 and work my pedals and my right hand for volume and dynamics.

What led me to this guitar is that after touring for several years with my Reverend Buckshot, I wanted to step up to something different and better. I felt as though I'd earned the right to play a pro guitar. It was symbolic to me. Ironically, the pandemic pretty much ended the touring for us but we're still gigging somewhat for now. Who knows, maybe we'll get back out there full time again. But I wanted to point out something ... I love my Gretsch. It's my main guitar but I only have it and the Reverend as far as regular electrics go. It covers a lot of territory and inspires new sounds all the time. However, my Reverend is one the best guitars I've ever played. It's a workhorse and it always shows up in tune and ready to play. I bought it new somewhere between 2006 and 2008 I think. And it cost me way less than half what I paid for my Gretsch. I cannot imagine life without either one. I also have a Danelectro Baritone that's about as cheap as they come and I cannot imagine life without it either. I may swap pickups on the Reverend (the neck is a filtertron knock-off and it'd be nice to have another flavor in the mix) and I may upgrade the pots and pups of the Dano someday. But I'll keep them all for sure. And I'll play them all. I gig all 3 for our shows. They each have their place.

I don't think you could go wrong if you got a pro line but I don't think you'd go wrong if you didn't.


Apr 4, 2022
Beaumont TX
The best gigging axes I have is are a cheap Starcaster Strat with MIM guts and a Classic Vibe Tele. I’d put either of them up against any USA Fender (of which I’ve owned a few). In the same vain, I can’t imagine the fit and finish can be any better than my Starliner. It’s crazy good. I need to find a 61XX something or ‘nother to compare.


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Dec 27, 2017
Santa Cruz
ProLines are better quality than Electromatics and Streamliners, no question.

There are $800 Electromatics and $400 Streamlines. Are the $3,000 Prolines 5 to 8 times better that the other two? That is a question for your wallet.

I’ve owned 5 different Prolines and have one now. I’ve owned a number of Electromatics and have one now. Both are wonderful guitars….But the ProLine is a better guitar.

Same concept..
I have an Fender American Telecaster and a Fender Mexican Telecaster, both wonderful guitars…..But, the American one is a better guitar.

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