Back in Black

Country Gent
Jun 22, 2020
Ontario Canada
New completely hammered old Gretsch day!:D
These stray dogs seem to find me, its a mid '40s? i reckon, Synchro 100 that was stored in an attic (130 deg F+) under tension here in California for the past 50 years or so:eek:, basically 90% of the glue joints have failed!
Anyhow, i think i can make something out of it, a planter maybe:p, nah, i can see getting a player out of it with some work, no guilt in modding it into whatever i want really, well worth $100.00 even if it just hangs in my garage as wall art. View attachment 173685 View attachment 173686
Penciled in serial# looks like 8997

It's in no worse condition than Willie Nelson's ''Trigger''.

Stabilize all the glued joints, re-set the neck, string it and play it.

Before any of that, check the pedigree first, it just might be a $$$$ jewel.



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