I Bleed Orange
May 10, 2015
New completely hammered old Gretsch day!:D
These stray dogs seem to find me, its a mid '40s? i reckon, Synchro 100 that was stored in an attic (130 deg F+) under tension here in California for the past 50 years or so:eek:, basically 90% of the glue joints have failed!
Anyhow, i think i can make something out of it, a planter maybe:p, nah, i can see getting a player out of it with some work, no guilt in modding it into whatever i want really, well worth $100.00 even if it just hangs in my garage as wall art. 20220111_143043.jpg 20220111_143056.jpg
Penciled in serial# looks like 8997
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Friend of Fred
Dec 27, 2017
Santa Cruz
I love it

To funny…..My first guitar, a freebie, had action almost that bad. I chucked in the bin and bought a little Acoustic.



Country Gent
Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
Congrats - those can be real beauties when they're all fixed up! Good project guitar, sure to test your luthier skills!

And I agree, bridge and tailpiece alone are worth the $100 you spent, as long as you don't mind some time waiting for the right buyer to come along. Not much down side to this one.

Good luck with it, maybe some day it'll look like this again!



I Bleed Orange
May 10, 2015
I had a '30s Martin (identical to the one on Stephen Stills' debut LP...I read that was around that type)...passed down from father to son to daughter to my cousin to me ...
Do what I didn't do...go with your plan...
I can't wait to see it restored!
I'm gonna try.

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