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I Bleed Orange
May 17, 2009
Plymouth, MN
I found this in my documents folder. I created it for a trivia contest in 2010. I don't have the answers any more, so your guess is as good as mine on some.

Name the Popular Music Groups whose members include:

(Listed by given name not the name they’re best known by):

1. Richard, John, Paul, George

2. Michael, Keith, Brian, William, Charles

3. James, Robert, John, John

4. Paul, David, Adam, Lawrence

5. James, Lars, Kirk, Clifford

6. Chaim, Stanley, Paul, Peter

7. Bjorn, Anna-Frid, Agnetha, Goran

8. Brian, Roger, John, Farokh

9. Steven, Joseph, Bradley, Thomas, Joseph

10. Alexander, Howard, Brian, Nickolas, Kevin

11. David, Roger, Nicholas, Richard

12. Maurice, Robin, Barry

13. Angus, Malcolm, Ronald, Phillip, Clifford

14. Walter, Terry, Daniel, James, Lee, Robert, Peter

15. Donald, Glenn, Joseph, Timothy, Donald

16. Lindsey, Stephanie, Christine, John, Michael

17. William, Saul, Jeffrey, Michael, Steven

18. Sigmund, Toriano, Marlon, Jermaine, Michael

19. Rudolf, Klaus, Matthias, Herman, Francis

20. Roger, Peter, John, Keith


I Bleed Orange
May 17, 2009
Plymouth, MN
21. Anthony, William, Terence, John

22. Anthony, Michael, John, Chad - Red Hot Chili Peppers

23. Christopher, Glenn, Julian, Gilson, Harris

24. Richard, Eric, Richard, Jaime, Mark

25. John, Cass, Michelle, Dennis

26. Phillip, Richard, Kerry, David, Robert, Steven - Kansas

27. Paul, Michael, Simon, Raymond

28. Raymond, David, Michael, Peter - The Kinks

29. Justin, John, Graeme, Michael, Raymond

30. Mark, David, John, David - Dire Straits. David "Pick" Withers.
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I Bleed Orange
May 10, 2015
Gregg, Chuck, Keith, Brian..
Wait, too many flags sent up by this post. Who knows about this jive.........
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