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    Jun 8, 2015
    I wound up adding another electronic instrument this week, an Arturia Drumbrute:
    It's got a cool old school analog sound to it that seems like ought to be useful for me, but I think the most useful bit of it is going to be the step sequencer in the long run. I feel like the overall interface clicks well for me & it has nice quantization & feel options that will be a spiffy tool for generating patterns to trigger whatever I want w/ in the DAW.

    Here are a couple clips I've been working on w/ it:
    Rough, hands off mix of a couple of rough beats I was messing w/ reinforced lightly by a drum rack I put together in Ableton while trying to figure out the MIDI note mappings for it.
    Same deal using a couple of beats I worked up w/ the Drumbrute accompanied by a couple of drum racks & a bunch of turd polish from Ableton.

    Other nice features are the 12 individual outs on it which planted a bug to reorganize the rack layout to get the 18i20 more mobile so I could realistically take it out of the house & easier to access in the current layout at home when I need the inputs there. It turns out the 18i20 fits perfect in an SKB 2U shallow case w/ a dbx PB-48 underneath & winds up way more portable than the 4U full depth case it had previously been living in w/ my TL Audio EQ-2 & much quicker to use hooked up to the patch bay that I couldn't fit in the case along w/ it before:
    I must have flipped some modules to denormal some jacks the last time I wired the patch bay so it took a bit longer to get everything fully functional than anticipated, but all in all I'm happy I did it :)

    Wired up & ready to record the Drumbrute:
    I was bummed to find 2 of the plastic plunger button caps had broken on the 18i20 when I was extricating it from its former spot at home. I'm not going to enjoy having to use a bass string cutoff or paper clip to toggle line/instrument level for input 2 or the monitor mute going forward, but everything seems to work still despite the inconvenience.

    Also wound up finally replacing my stool down at the shop earlier in the week w/ a fairly cheap but so far decent solution from Gator:
    The cushions are pretty firm, but it seems to work pretty well ergonomically for me there & feels pretty solid so far. Definitely an upgrade over what I was using & I'm happy for ~$80.

    I also snapped a wide-ish shot of the setup at the shop this evening:

    Thanks for taking a look/listen!
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