NAD!!! Who needs tubes! ;)


Feb 5, 2022
North Carolina USA
So last year I had to sell my beloved Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb & another couple of amps to raise some cash to put towards my late Fathers funeral costs…
I’ve been playing a fantastic Hot Rod Deluxe but it still weighs a bit too much for my 56 year old abused back!!!!
I’ve really missed the Tone Master as well as for it’s light weight I’ve missed the great attenuator & the DI function for recording..
So this week I pulled the trigger on a Blonde Tone Master Twin Reverb!!!
I put the amp through it’s paces today at band rehearsals & it sounds great!!! It actually sounds huge!!! I only had it on the 12w setting but very loud over our loud drummer!!!
Very pleased with this amp & my back loves me! :) View attachment 177579
That’s awesome!! Glad you like it! I’ve got a new Broadkaster Jr. that I run through a Fender Blues Jr. Its like they were made for each other! The Fulltron pickups pushed through the el84s break up easily and I can rock out harder than i thought I’d be able to! Enjoy the new rig!


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Jul 13, 2008
Lehigh Valley, PA
I keep telling myself I "DO NOT NEED MORE GEAR!" I've owned lots of amps during my life time -- various Fenders along with other very fine pieces (Magnatone, Alessandro, Carr, Standel, currently a deLisle)....... But I keep seeing a blonde Fender TM in my future -- probably a DR. Bottom line -- I can be VERY weak..........

Dana Rudd

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Nov 26, 2019
Greybull, WY
Sorry about your Dad, Nigel.
That's a great looking Tone Master and I'm sure it sounds great. Glad you have one back in your equipment list. Enjoy!