Mr Twangy

Dec 27, 2020
Chesterville, Ontario
Got me this AC4-12" for a sweet deal, in British racing green no less. I wanted a tweed Champ but they're too expensive right now, maybe I'll save that for my big purchase of the year. Anyways, this is an outstanding little amp, pure vox tone and perfect for living room jamming. Really good, don't listen to the's a 4 watt amp, it can't be everything!!!! View attachment 198542
Gorgeous colour, nice one.


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Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
I just got a new drive pedal, and damned if it don't give this thing some Tweed snarl, just killer tone! I ain't craving a Champ so much now, I'm getting those tones.
This is kinda an obscure pedal, I honestly bought it for the graphics 🤘😁, but it's killer. View attachment 200679

Didn’t know these were 11 year old( and made in Canada)!

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