My teeth Update.

Roy Clark

Jun 16, 2017
Bat cave.
OK I have been going to the dentist. And I have been out to eat etc... And no I still do not like the way I look. I go ever 2 weeks. And they are almost all fixed. I had them all the bad ones filled. And I look good. 1 more to fix and then pull one more wisdom. And then I get some parcels.

I have been going out to eat. And for the first time in years I can eat on both sides of my mouth again. It took along time for me to get used to eating on one side of my mouth. 2 broke teeth I did not want to break any further than they did. And they are fixed.

Me and dad go eat once a week at a buffet. And sometimes Olive Garden, Pizza place all you can eat etc... The waitress we always get thought something happened to mom. I told her what happened. So I'm doing really good and she noticed it too. And soon it will be all over. Finally some relief. And eating on both sides again is amazing and a blessing from God up above. And I no longer drive either. I'm 46 years old. Family church members etc.. take me places. Mostly mom and dad. No choice in the matter.

So I doing really good. I close my eyes and let him and his daughter or other workers do their job. He says I'm a great patient. I think him all the time for really helping me. And tell him the reason I did not go before. I no longer work health issues and was trying to get my money. He is very understanding about that. So eating normal is great. And looking normal is going to be even better.
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