My son died unexpectedly yesterday


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Jan 17, 2020
Jack Plate, Oregon
Please accept my sincere condolences. I have no magic words, but I am sure he will live forever in your hearts. Hang onto those memories and the love you shared.


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Jun 17, 2020
SoCal, USA
Awful, terrible, and horrible don't even begin to describe it. No parent should have to go through the death of their child (of any age). Vent away, and may you and your family find peace and solace in whatever way(s) you can.


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May 25, 2022
New York
My wife and I spent the day making funeral arrangements. We then drove onto the city to gather things we’ll need for the funeral. We checked in his personal files and found discharge notes from an ER visit to a major NYC medical center. We were horrified. Early signs of organ failure were present with no recommendation to have abnormal lab tests repeated and checked by a specialist. He was instructed to follow up with specialists who had nothing to do with the failing organ. This was a red flag to me. We faxed the discharge summary to my brother in law , an internist, and he was shocked at what struck him as incompetence and malpractice.

The funeral is Friday. We’ll be mourning at home through next Thursday. My brother in law has access to complete patient records where my son was treated. He’ll look into it further and has offered to help us if we decide bring a lawsuit. None of this brings my son back. We don’t need any money from a settlement but incompetence and a failure to practice good medicine at a major medical center needs to be addressed.


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Nov 16, 2013
I am so sorry for your loss, please accept my deepest condolences.

I sometimes have nightmares of something happening to my children and then wake up frightened to death. Can't but imagine what you and your wife are are going through right now. I wish you strength to carry on. Voimia!


Jul 20, 2017
South Dakota
Having a son who has wrecked two cars I am always worried when the phone rings. Parents should not out live a child. I’m very sorry for your loss.

I agree that malpractice of any kind should be taken care of. Good luck with that.
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My deepest sympathy. A few years ago, I found my son after a heroin overdose. I cannot put into words what a hole in my life his death has caused. Although timed has dulled the pain, his passing affects me every day. I wish you and your family the strength to get through this.

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