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Sep 24, 2018
The south end of Hell
It's not what you think. Hamer Guitars had one back in the day. I remember the Andy Summers model had this in it. I was lucky enough to play one when they first came out. Now Mighty Mite makes one but it's the regular humbucker configuration. I wish that someone had this again or that I could figure out how to reproduce it now that Hamer exists in name only.

Or you could buy this one:



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Oct 18, 2015
In fact the first Rockinger Custom guitar that I had them built for me had a triple-bucker in the bridge-position.
As a kid I found it visially appealing but the single-coil-part of the pickup turned out to be useless for me. it was too far away from the bridge to sound twangy and to close to sound mellow like a strat`s middle pickup.

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