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    I'll bet the ladies love Barry's bouffant(?)

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    If the barbers don't open here soon, my hair will be like that sooner than later!:D
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    Not too widely known fact about the Rutles is the contribution made to it by the guitarist Ollie Halsall, who is probably my favourite rock guitarist of them all, with a ferocious technique and musical knowledge which put him way ahead of anyone else at the time, and still would if he was around today. He played all the George Harrison stuff, and did the McCartney vocals, which Eric Idle mimed to in the movie. He also played "Leppo" in the movie, which was a tiny role - he was onscreen apparently for around 3 seconds!

    His career was varied, but he made his name as a seriously gifted player on the UK scene in the early 1970s with a band called Patto. There's a fan-run and excellent website about him and his career called The Ollie Halsall Archive which is worth checking out if this under-rated virtuoso player is new to you. This is him playing with the band Patto - chosen specifically because the solo he plays in this is pretty astounding and is a great introduction to the style and quality of his accomplished and inventive playing - and recorded way back in '71, and so far ahead of the game.

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