Mooer Blues micro pedals

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    1AE05558-E05E-4A85-9DF0-2EBF00C7E7FA.jpeg B0D8EA2F-F1A5-4178-B0F9-0B301BA73946.jpeg In the Mood for Crab? The Walmart web storefront has these cheaper than Amazon now. I thought I would give these a try to see if they live up to their inspiration. I will probably stack them with the Blues Mood as a boost driving the Blues Crab, but wish there was a micro pedal with two FX loops that let you swap the order of them. Instead of an A/B/Y pedal like a A->B or B->A switch. These should be fun to play around with, they are basically budget rip off clones of the Marshall Blues Breaker and the Keeley Phat Mod of the Boss Blues Driver. They seem to have decent reviews individually, I just wanted to see how they stack together. I got the larger foot switch knobs to help avoid stomping on the gain knob. These things are smaller than a DITTO!
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    I have their fuzz pedal available for sale. Good well made inexpensive pedals.
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