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    To revive my old starters and to use at certain stages of the sourdough process, I recently made this proofing box. Heat from a ceramic infrared bulb with a temperature controller set to 88 degrees F. It has a temperature probe and cycles the power to the bulb keeping the interior in the range of 86 to 90 which works well. I originally obtained a bunch of starters that were collected around the world by
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    Ummmm dat not bread :rolleyes::eek: first the Za’ and now dis?? We are gonna have to buy you a food dictionary, with pics. :D:cool::D:D
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    Fresh bread is my kryptonite. I used to bake a lot. I baked a walnut and bleu cheese artisan bread that would make women beg.
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    Bread, it's not a food group, it's a utensil. mmmmmmmmm :D
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