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Meet the new car, same as the old car


Dec 18, 2020
I agree that a Miata is fun but the later version just doesn't have enough leg/footwell room for me to even operate it safely. When I need to get my sports car jollies I drive my 2016 BRZ blue spec. Otherwise it's a fifth-gen 4Runner.

I really wanted to get some seat time with the new GR86/BRZ, but all the dealers were pulling shenanigans with market adjustments and other garbage, so I politely told them to pound sand. I have a strong feeling I would have regretted not getting a convertible anyway, so no remorse.


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May 25, 2022
New York
Beautiful car. One of these would have been on the short list if they were available with a manual. After all these years I am still not willing to give up rowing my own gears. Needless to say I don't have a whole lot of choices left. There is a new Supra with a manual, same chassis and powertrain as a Z4, but unfortunately to my eye they are hopelessly ugly and no convertible is available.

Ironically, I'm probably the exact target demographic for all the cars you mentioned, and the cost wasn't a factor. I still find it interesting that I went with the least expensive option I considered because that is the one that genuinely spoke to me. A butt for every seat!
Grandpa likes paddles more than sticks. I usually drive using the sport plus program in manual mode which stiffens everything up nicely and seems to remove a few performance inhibitors. The paddles also give you instantaneous shifts. My wife drives the car more than I do so the computer corrects her errors. It won’t let her over rev and in sport plus with the computer in control, downshifts with brake pedal pressure. The engineer in me finds it amazing.

I agree about Supra. It has a peculiarly Japanese aesthetic that I just can’t see in my driveway. The Z4 was mostly a gift for my wife. She wanted all the safety equipment and automation I have in my 330i and she was mad that it’s faster than the SLK she was driving. She’s happy now, at least about the car.

You’ll never see a Z4 on a dealer lot. They’re built to order in a small factory in Austria. We got ours from the first 2022 production run. The dealer ordered a place holder and we had three days to change the order. Ours has just about everything you could order and something you can’t. 2022 had blue calipers with the R Sport upgrade. The dealer had red calipers sent from Germany in time for our build. Ain’t that a hoot? BMW has a Custom Shop in Austria.


Dec 18, 2020
She wanted all the safety equipment and automation I have in my 330i and she was mad that it’s faster than the SLK she was driving. She’s happy now, at least about the car.

I'm very happy I can completely turn off all the nannies in this car through 'sticky' menu settings - they stay turned off and I don't have to switch them off every time I start the car. Makes sense since a lot of Miatas are taken to the track. I can't stand the safety nannies, they drive me nuts. Guess I'm a purity of purpose kind of guy when it comes to cars. The autonomous braking system in my manual VW wagon was downright dangerous under specific circumstances. I would 'beat' its capabilities sometimes and it would react badly, and couldn't be turned off. Sometimes I need to remember I put in a lot of seat time at tracks and in high performance driving training, and these systems are made for everyday drivers.

The wife, of course, loves all that stuff in her Audi.


Aug 30, 2017
There’s no more right or wrong to automobiles than there is to guitars. The right car is the one that’s right for you, with maybe one exception. My son told me once that it’s not fair that only geezers can afford the good ones but they’re too old to appreciate them. Not so. This is our toy.
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It replaced an SLK which replaced a Boxter. It’s a hoot. And it’s amazingly well designed. We had a clear cold day, 29*F, last winter and drove around with the top down feeling perfectly warm with the wind flowing over our heads and around the cabin. I felt like the Red Baron out hunting for Snoopy.

Our other BMW is a nice staid 330i with X-drive. Sometimes it snows.
No shade thrown. He mentioned a BMW and Porsche that didn’t make the grade so I showed mine that might make the grade. The M3 is supercharged. It was meant as a joke and a chance to show off my cars, not to mention he bought a Miata.


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Jun 17, 2020
SoCal, USA
To be fair, these weren't designed for wookiees, and most of us on the forum are humans.
I ended up with a BRZ only because my grown sons and I were at an auto show in 2014, waiting while MrsWookiee looked for a ride to replace her worn-out vehicle. We got in line to try out the sexy sports car knowing that none of us would fit -- I'm a hair over 6' and my 2 boys are 2 and 3 inches taller. When it was my turn I shoved the seat back, adjusted the steering wheel, closed the door, and assumed my driving position. Imagine my surprise upon discovering that it was as though the designers had tailor made the car just for my own ergonomics! It nagged at me for awhile until I succumbed to the GAS and bought the '16 brand new. I still love the car but my younger son drives it more than I do.
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May 1, 2012
One of the best roadsters out there to be sure. Super reliable, a ton of smiles per mile and a low likelihood of getting a ticket. They're a blast on twisty roads without having to go real fast. My friend had to sell his because using the clutch was irritating his foot. I got a Mustang GT that I really love.


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Feb 10, 2010
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The Miata is the modern version of the classic roadster, like a Triumph, MGB, or Austin Healey. Best part is that they don't break down, and don't have Lucas Electrics.


Jul 4, 2020
Los Angeles
My son told me once that it’s not fair that only geezers can afford the good ones but they’re too old to appreciate them.
Nah. My first car was a Triumph TR3. No side windows. In Iowa, in winter. After that, an MG-TD, a Karmann Ghia, a '57Jaguar XK-140MC/SE coupe, a Honda Z-600 and a Lotus Europa TC. All before my first divorce.