Martin guitar gets a new CEO

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    Intelligence and talent can be inherited. Values, sense of tradition, skills, and knowledge can be cultivated. A 200 year streak suggests, at least to me, that this particular family has done that well. If not, then they must be extraordinarily lucky.

    And, having mentioned Gretsch as an example, it's probably worth noting that Gretsch's slide into oblivion coincided with ownership leaving the family, only to be reversed when the family got it back.
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  2. radd

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    Well said.....
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  3. Henry

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    Apr 9, 2014
    Yes, true, but gambling on genetic inheritance is just that. Good point about Gretsch . . . Which is now operated by a non-family member and most agree that under FMIC has been more faithful with its roots than the period just before FMIC.

    I am not saying that the next Martin can't or won't we a good manager. I am saying we should not assume that based on genes and that when they hire any new manager, they are more focused on skill than name.

    Family run businesses, like any other, are successful until they are not.

    Anywho, the proof is in the pudding and Martin chose a non-Martin to manage, presumably because they also value competency over blood, 200 years notwithstanding.
  4. afire

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    A thought just occurred to me. This could be the time to start buying up what I am now christening Martin's "Regency era" guitars. Not to suggest that this guy's tenure will be any more or less successful than what came before or will come after, but guitar collectors are suckers for silly designations. Get 'em while you can!
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    I would hope that even though she is young, I would assume she probably has a bit of that understanding, as she probably has hung around the offices, shop floors, employees, etc. growing up.
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    In the files I work the rule of thumb is a generation to make it, a generation to maintain it, and a generation to lose it. That has been fairly constant, provided the second gen didn’t just sell it off.
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  8. Henry

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    Apr 9, 2014
    Yep, if you look at the richest people int he world, a vast majority made their own money. If inheriting a company had a good likelihood of preserving the company and thr wealth, then the richest list would read like a list of nobility.
  9. radd

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    I think you may not be completely accurate

    A quick search of the richest families starts with the top 3

    Walton, Walmart
    Mars, candy
    Kotch, oil

    Mega companies and all finances are run and handled by the heirs. Inherited wealth, and very successfully run. These are wildly rich individuals who inherited that wealth and did not create it.
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    Sandy Eggo
    you sure you want that threat on public record? if something ever happened to that guy that vaguely sounded like what you wrote? just sayin.
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  11. Henry

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    Apr 9, 2014
    Oh, I think I am completely accurate. I didn't say every single richest person was self made, or the top 3 familes. Just that a vast majority of the richest are self made. I will concede that "vast" is pretty vague.

    Here is the Forbes list:

    Of the top 10, I believe at least 9 are self made (90%).
    Of the top 20, I believe at least 15 are self made (75%).
    If you group by family as you suggest, then 16 of the top 18 families are self made (88.89%).
    You don't see any Rockefellers or Carnegies.
    I didn't analyze past 20 as most of the names I don't recognize.

    1. Bezos
    2. Musk
    3. Arnault - family money, but I don't think any of his family was previously among the world's richest, but I will exclude
    4. Gates
    5. Zuckerberg
    6. Buffet
    7. Ellison
    8. Page
    9. Brin
    10. Ambani
    11. Ortega
    12. Bettencourt - inherited
    13. Shanshan
    14. Ballmer
    15. Hiateng
    16. Slim
    17. Walton - inherited
    18. Walton - inherited
    19. Walton - inherited
    20. Bloomberg
    Waltons - are 17-19
    Mars - 2 at 48
    Koch - 2 at 27.

    Perhaps more relevant to use proles, Fidelity survey indicated 88% of millionaires are self made.
  12. radd

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    Dec 27, 2017
    Santa Cruz
    The last statistic is pretty meaningless in today’s economy. Buy a couple houses and you are a millionaire in this country.

    Anyway...I think we have beat this thread topic to death.
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