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  1. Ducksteino

    Ducksteino Newbie

    Jun 13, 2021
    Hi All,

    Here's my first guitar. Serial number says it's 1962. Older than me! My uncle bought this in the deep south in the '70's as a backup/slide guitar. In '83 he gave it to me and my brother to share along with a Hagstrom II. I bumped it off a stand and broke the headstock. I got it fixed by Mel at SIR studios in NYC, around the corner from my apartment at the time. He also put new frets in, but the head of the truss rod broke at that time. Ever since then I keep 11's on there but have it tuned to Eb.

    Six months later there was a power outage during a heatwave in NYC, in August. The temp was 100 for a few days outside, and it was hotter in my 5th-floor apartment. I was reading on my couch when I heard a pop ... the glue gave way. Eventually I fixed it myself, but didn't do a great job (see pics)

    In the pics here, you'll see a replaced bridge, I sanded down the base on this replacement because it was too high. I still have the original but it was pinching the high E. I replaced it before I knew about the graphite trick. After learning about binding rot from you fine folks I think my summer project will be addressing that chip and the bit at the heel. I'm looking for a case.

    Is THIS the right case?
    Thanks for everything, forum friends,
    IMG_8632.jpeg IMG_8633.jpeg IMG_8634.jpeg IMG_8636.jpeg IMG_8637.jpeg IMG_8638.jpeg
  2. thunder58

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    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    Admin Post
    Cracks or no cracks , it's a beautiful guitar . Welcome to the forum @Ducksteino . I'm your neighbor in Rockland County
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  3. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
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    BTW - where's the photo of the case ?
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  4. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
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    oooops .......sorry . Looks like it'll work
  5. mrfixitmi

    mrfixitmi Country Gent

    Mar 20, 2010
    Great guitar, this is certainly worth fixing, thank you for keeping these pieces of history alive. The hyde glue is excellent, but can come apart during spells of intense heat. The heal cap is not a very difficult repair to create a new one for most luthiers.
    I am not sure if that the case you are referring to is the correct case for a model 6119.

    I will let others chime in on that, I am certain that other will know.
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  6. loudnlousy

    loudnlousy Gretschified

    Oct 18, 2015
    Welcome here.
    Nice guitar.
    It deserves a professional headrepair. When done correctly it will be more stable than it was when it left the factory.
  7. LivingMyDream

    LivingMyDream Friend of Fred

    Welcome to Gretsch-Talk, Ducksteino!

    I don't have much to say about guitar repairs, but there are plenty of people here that either do great work on their guitars, or can give you guidance about how to get the repairs do right.

    Again, welcome!
  8. Back in Black

    Back in Black Country Gent

    Jun 22, 2020
    Ontario Canada

    Very nice piece, in spite of the repaired headstock.

    A G5420/22 case may work, what you're looking for is a case for a current model G6119T-62.

    The correct part number for your case is, G6241 16, this is a deluxe case which will have an arched top, which allows room for the Bigsby, and higher wood based bridge.

    Before you buy, you may want to take your guitar to your nearest authorized Gretsch dealer for a proper fitting.

    Gretsch branded cases are important, especially yours with the repaired neck.

    Gretsch cases have a foam wedge in the padding, which removes all stress on the neck, when it's lying in repose.

    Hope this helps you.


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  9. rake_ether

    rake_ether Gretschie

    Aug 24, 2019
    Athens, GA USA
    Hello and welcome. Beautiful 6119 well worth professionally repairing. My new 6119-62 Limited Edition RW is a reproduction of a 1962 Tenny and assuming the same dimensions mine fits in my G6241FT case fine except that the case is for a 2.75" depth guitar (6120 or my 5420) rather than 2". You may have to add padding for best security. Finding the right case can sometimes be a pain.
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  10. audept

    audept Senior Gretsch-Talker

    Dec 1, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    Welcome to the forum, Ducksteino!
    welcome mat 120.jpg
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  11. JC higgy

    JC higgy Gretschified

    Jun 6, 2008
    Belfast Norn Iron
    Welcome to the nut house Duck!:cool:
  12. new6659

    new6659 Country Gent

    Welcome, Ducksteino - let us know what you do with that.
  13. Ricochet

    Ricochet Senior Gretsch-Talker

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    Welcome to Gretschville. Nice Tenny! Shame about the first headstock repair.
  14. Dana Rudd

    Dana Rudd Country Gent

    Nov 26, 2019
    Greybull, WY
    Hello and welcome to G-T. Good to have you with us. Nice old Gretsch you have there.
  15. afire

    afire Country Gent

    Nice Tenny. But it is not a '62. The plaques were added in '66. The serial number is date coded. Post it and we can tell you the month and year it was made.
  16. Ricochet

    Ricochet Senior Gretsch-Talker

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    ‘64-ish? Oddly I seem to recall a ‘62 ad showing Chet with a Tenny featuring a headstock plaque but I might be imagining things(see the ghost thread).
  17. afire

    afire Country Gent

    I think there may have been a time when that was commonly believed (I think it might have been in Gruhn's book), but since dates and serial numbers are better understood now (largely thanks to Ed), that's clearly not correct.
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