Lindsay Buckingham and a Gretsch


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Mar 20, 2010
Great video, like Lindsay always said, he was a glorified banjo picker, he said when he joined Fleetwood Mac, he struggled using a guitar pick, that drew some irritation from the group.

We met him back stage for a meet and great, he was very humble, and honestly didn't believe that he was a good guitarist. We loved his talent and ability to be humble. Thanks for sharing that!


Dec 14, 2015
Houston, TX
Highly doubt that was a live recording. More likely a lip sync job so many of those shows used to do. There's a guitar lead filler running during the coda that appears out of nowhere that doesn't match his finger's action on the fretboard. The Gretsch may just as well be a prop handed to him as one of his own. Either way it's a rather fabulous Gretsch at that.