For Sale/Trade Li'l Dawg D-Lux 5e3 Lunchbox Head

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    Title says it all folks!

    Up for sale is this great little lunchbox head from Jim at Li'l Dawg. Known for his build quality, this will be a welcome addition to the tweedy side of your gear closet.

    This Li'l Dawg D-Lux is straight 5e3 goodness and comes loaded with a full set of NOS tubes. (v1 - Sylvania 12ay7, v2 - Tesla (not JJ) 12ax7, v3 - Sylvania 6v6gt, v4 - CBS 6v6gt, v5 - Philco Sylvania 5y3gt) Amp has some scratches on it from a previous owner but has been baby'd...heck, I even put in a red jewel cause I thought it looked cool. (Other colors available. )

    The back of the amp has a main out at 8 ohms. It is my understanding that the extension speaker runs at 8 ohm also. I bought the amp used so I am unsure as to these details. I can attest that the main out is 8 ohm and works perfectly running a 8 ohm cab. (I used a Weber 8 ohm 12a125a to great success.)

    Pics are below and happy to send more via email if needed. Shipped to your door for $600 via PayPal (CONUS only). 20200411_140414.jpg 20200411_140447.jpg 20200411_140425.jpg 20200412_201817.jpg 20200412_201831.jpg

    Trades: Might be interested in +/- cash: (Editing as I go.)
    G10 Gold (8 ohm)
    G12 Gold (8 ohm)
    Scumback s75 65w
    Scumback Scumnico 65w
    Benson Germ Fuzz
    A good Rat
    Greer Lightspeed
    Analogman fuzz
    Neck pup to replace my TV Classic in my 5230t (Dynasonic types or maybe a Magnatron)
    SM57/Senn e609
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